Infrared & Soft Focus Plugins For Photoshop

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jimvanson, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. I'm looking for Photoshop plugin suggestions.
    First one for soft focus or blur.
    The second for B&W infrared effect.
    Checking some of the back posts I see that Fred Miranda's soft focus filter is well thought of.
    Tiffen's Dfx infrared software also seems interesting.
    I'll download & give both of those a try.
    And so my question (finally) is does anyone have a favorite plugin suggestion they can make?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. There is a BW infrared filter effect built in to the BW layer controls already. Layer --> New Adjusment Layer --> Black and White, then select the IR setting.
  3. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Jim, I usually make a second layer and use gaussion blur, then adjust opacity and finally I use the erase tool at around 50% on areas I want less blur. For IR effects I use channels, and Picassa has a good filter tool for adjusting tones in B/W. These techniques don't really come very close to true IR though. When I saw your nome pop up, I Looked at your portfolio for about the 400th time and its still my favorite on PN. Best to ya.
  4. i do everything using Photoshop i cant recommended a external plugin. But i heard good thing about Alien Skin Exposure.
  5. IR filters simulate the infra red BW effect, in a range from light (as Ilford SFX) to deep (as discontinued High Speed Kodak with dark red filter. Yet, it's a fake: I have just seen digital photos in my club with these effects appliedd: sky is dark, trees are white - but the soft analyses the colours in the digital photo used as a source: green is translated to light grey or white, and so on; forgets that water is darkened in real IR shots, and vegetation is not always whitened; depends on the tree ! So the pinetree was whitened, as the winegrap, in real shots, the plant and the pine tree will differ, and so on ...
    It's a funny digital filter, but nothing in digital photo can be a subsitute for real BW shot, with the range of filters yellow, green, red and IR. That's why we often yet shoot in argentic for artistic BW renderings ... Let the colour photography to digital technologies.
    Unless you use special scientifc cameras, with a specific sensibility to a wavelength (as Halpha filters for astronomic exposures).

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