Infrared film - Ilford sfx 200, Rollei superpan 200 or Rollei IR 400

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  1. Yes, that is why you have to use a 695nm or 715nm I.R. filter.
  2. Rollei IR film. D-76 1+1, 11 min. 10 sec agitation/min. EI unknown but may be as low as 100. IR film really needs a sunny day for the effect. Lake George, Adirondacks. 1930M-18.jpg
  3. SFX with an 89B filter (which I believe is around 695nm cutoff):

    Rollei IR400 -- have shot this with a 720nm and with a 760nm -- the 760 needs about 6 stops beyond the 720; e.g., we're working way down the cut-off curve.
    But this was with the 760, 2 seconds at f/5.6 (no good for sports action!)

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