Info on this big wooden tripod?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by newberry, Dec 11, 2021.

  1. Hi Folks: Anyone know the manufacturer, or anything else about this tripod? I can't find any maker name on it, I'll be selling it, trying to identify it. Link:
  2. Looks to me like it supported a theodolite in a former life.
  3. I think it is a photo tripod. Surveyor's tripods never have a raised centre column because of the effect on stability.
  4. I doubt it is a Berlebach, but ask them if it is one of theirs.
  5. I've seen a few older legsets that had a center column option. This looks like one, albeit modified to take a photo head.
  6. Never seen a photographic tripod with calibrated leg markings. Useful to a surveyor though.
  7. That really does look like a surveyor's/transit tripod.

    The spiked feet and no leg 'restraints' are not very good on hard surfaces, but good in dirt, turf, etc.

    I bought an orange one from a hardware store that was closing...I asked what the weight rating was. He thought that was a really dumb question...'a transit'. He also couldn't think outside the box for repurposing.

    It had a huge bolt with a screwdriver-style handle...I think it was 5/8"-13 or thereabouts. I had to find a tap that size to make a plate for my usage.
  8. Looks similar to an ex British War Department tripod I have, mine is marked with the 'broad arrow' -> and 1942, doesn't have scale marks on the legs though. There would have been a lot of heavy duty wooden tripods sold off as surplus after the war that were later adapted to photo use.

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