Info on old Tokina RMC 135mm f/2.8?

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  1. Hi,
    I've recently acquired a Tokina RMC 135mm f/2.8 lens to play with, and I'm curious about the specifications of the lens and its history but I can't find much at all on the web.
    Anyone have any old literature on this lens?
    Not that I really need it to use the lens, but I'm curious.
  2. rdm


    What are you trying to find out about it? Do you need to know if its a good lens?
  3. Well, I own it now and am forming my opinion on it, but was curious about it's design and its history.
    So far I can say that it is not useful at f/2.8 (low contrast and loss of definition, glassy looking), but is decent from f/4. Not quite as good as my 85/1.8 AF-D or 180/2.8 AF, but those are tough competition. Focus ring is quite smooth with about 190 degrees of travel. Very compact (about the same size as a Nikon Series E 135/2.8).
    I got it for when I want to have a very lightweight kit - something to go with a Vivitar 19/3.8 and a Nikkor 50/1.8 AF-D.
  4. I found the Tokina excellent until some oil migrated between the diaphragm blades. My first impressions are described in a Flickr discussion (link). The lens compares favorably with the older Nikkor 135mm and is more compact. (see this discussion for sample images). Everything from the APS-C size digital camera point of view.
    Conclusion: as long as it works and you have a good copy, it is an excellent 135mm lens. Unfortunately, this lens is not a "classic" or "famous" one, and I could find no specific information either on the web or elsewhere.
  5. Hi Cosmin,
    I had read those threads and looked at your comparison shots - thanks for putting that up there. About all I found digging was an old B&H advertisement from 1981 listing a Tokina 135 2.8 for $67.95, and an Olden Camera ad in the same magazine listing the Nikon 135 2.8 for $208.
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    Ahhh... , gotta love that Never Inexpensive KON Equipment. :D
    I have not owned that particular lens (a Tokina RMC 135mm) ; In-fact the only Tokina lens I have ever possessed is the RMC 80-200mm f4 lens.
    I think that you won't find too much difference between most third party 135mm 2.8 lenses and they will all preform pretty well. It's a simple design and construction that doesn't need much tweaking.
    I purchased a Tamron 135mm lens last year and I have to say I think it's so cool looking, with the gloss black finish and vertically written brand name on it's retractable leans hood. That was the main reason I got it. But it has performed very well also, although I think I over payed for it (@ $32 with shipping).
  7. Dan Mar ... takes actual photos with his camera equipment? I got the impression from his post he just stares it all day long like a beautiful vista at sunset and tries to look cool carrying it.
  8. rdm


    Yes, you are correct. I do try to look cool carrying my equipment too, but alas, it doesn't work :-(
    I still look like a camera geek.

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