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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ole_tjugen, May 2, 2002.

  1. I've just been offered a Liesegang enlarger with negative masks for up to 9x12cm, two condensers and a 80mm lens. I use 4x5" and occasionally 5x7". Should I buy it?
    Does anyone have any information on these enlargers?
  2. Hi Ole,


    sounds like you've been offered one of the 50's or 60's modell from
    Liesegang. The lower part is bulid like a table and made of wood, the
    upper part is a metal column. At least I used such an enlarger years
    ago and it worked fine. 4x5'' should be the max. format so you
    wouldn't be able to enlarge your 5x7''. You'll need a 150mm enlarging
    lens for 4x5'' too. Check out the condensors and the illumination of
    the neg's with 150mm lens (!) to get the right condensors for that
  3. Ole,


    Liesegang has built several enlarger models, but as far as I know,
    has never built a 5x7 model. And since it is not easy to get parts
    for them, I would not recommend buying one that is not fully equipped
    with all what you need.


  4. The Liesegang was called Rajha 5 and the maximum film size
    was 9x12 cm (4x5"). The lamp head was very hight and the bulb
    was easy to adjust for an even illumination as it was fixed to the
    end of a long rod inside the lamp house. The baseboard had
    some device to tilt the easel to adjust the perspective.
    Some rumors told that it was originally designed by the late
    Andreas Feininger in the erly therties. I used it a long time ago
    and it worked nicely.

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