Info about Plaubel Universal II 5x7

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by stefan_dalibor, Sep 22, 2000.

  1. I've discovered a 13x18cm (i.e. 5x7) camera, produced by Plaubel, labeled Universal II at a local dealer.
    It's a (fully) metal monorail w/ base tilts; condition seems to be fine, price affordable (about $300).
    The problem: there are no accessories, and (according to the dealer) it has no international back.
    So my question is: Is anybody using such a device? Are accessories like lensboards, (reducing) backs etc. still available for this (as it seems rather old) system, so I could use it as a cheap entry to LF?
    Or is it essentially a dead machine, incompatible to the range of accessories available nowadays?
  2. You will not find parts or accessories for this camera.
    It is a good camera but dealers will not touch them due to a scarcity
    of parts. The lens board is 6x6" sheet metal with raised pivits; not
    an easy lensboard to manufactor.
    Look for an old Calumet or Burke & James. They sell in that price

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