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  1. I wish to choose a website for displaying and selling my photos.
    I've been using flickr, but it's too cumbersome to get to for potential buyers.
    I do not need a flashy (!) site, rather a simple one that's easy to set up, use and order from.
    My technical background is quite limited.
    Sites I've come across include,, and
    I have no idea how to compare them.
    Any advice on this welcomed.
  2. I think for what youre doing, smugmug would be youre best choice. . .
  3. smugmug is real easy to use, you do have to open a pro account to sell them...the basic membership allows ordering prints, but just at their cost. $150/year, but they do have a coupon for 50% off the first year.
  4. I recommend zenfolio, I like the site design and print quality. However, I've also heard good things about SmugMug. Here's a code for 10% off: N6R-UE5-1TZ
  5. Zenfolio is great. It's $99 a year for their highest level of service. They offer lots of advanced tools like customizable price lists and coupons. You can apply a pricelist to a single photo (for special editions, etc). Their print fulfillment is done through MPix. They also have fulfillment through fotofloat and someone else.

    Pictage has new offerings too. Their normal service is expensive but they are now offering Pictage lite. I haven't checked them out yet but have heard good things.

    To start though, I would definately recommend Zenfolio. It's easy to figure out and navigate both for you and your potential customers.
  6. Smugmug is very reasonable in price, but I found it not to be so user friendly. They will however print your photos and take care of shipping. Betterphoto is pricey but very easy to use. Does not offer printing of prints.
  7. Does anyone know of any sites that would allow passwords for clients to view their images? Senior portrait photographers tend to have passwords so not just anyone can view the photos.
    Selling the images isn't that big of an issue. I give clients a CD and usually tell them to get stuff printed at Adorama. Head shots are expensive enough without an online site charging $7 for a 5x7.
  8. Try . It is free to join, you can post your images, and there is a check out that handles the transactions. Also no fees nor commisions. It is more fine art oriented than for portraiture, weddings, and the such.
  9. Amelia
    I'm sure many sites offer password protection for galleries. I know smugmug does.
  10. I use instaproofs. They do not print the pictures, so you can use the lab of your choice, and the fee is based on what is sold through the site. It is very user friendly, and they allow you to create a password.
  11. Try
    It's $160 a year for your domain name and email account. You build your own website using templates provided. It's simple to use and they have a good customer support.
    You can have a look at my website to give you an idea:
  12. The respoonses have been so helpful.
    It seems to be Zenfolio vs. Smugmug. I don't have a domain name. Do I need to get one before signing on with either of these? Zenfolio appears to have a more elegant interface. They do not allow for sale of digital files, though. Does that really matter?
    Overall, ease of use is critical. I am not sure which wins in that respect.
  13. I've been with Smugmug for one year and I agree with Carol C, it's not user friendly if you want a pro looking site. The products offered are nice but I've come to think that no one buys the aprons, mugs, ect. I've sold enough photographs to cover the cost of the site then some. I looking at Zenfolio, now. It has a more pro look and feel to it. Here is a list of the other siyes I have concidered:,,,, (I like this one, too) and
    Check them out and see what you think.
  14. Zenfolio offers the password you are talking about, you can call your sight what you want and they allow sale of digital images, Zenfolio is very easy to use, you can give it a free try.
  15. I just read an article regarding good things about Photo Stock Plus, however I haven't looked into them for myself so I can't truly endorse it, but it might be worth checking out.
  16. Many pros go with the Personal Archive of Photoshelter. Check it out.
  17. I'd go with Zenfolio. I've done mine with it. Check it out:
  18. I use Smugmug. It's run by professional photographers. Have a look at my website (and others) and you'll see what the possibilities are. Smugmug handles all the orders and printing.
    Julie Roggow
  19. I haven't looked into any of these sites mentioned, except smugmug. I am currently trying out the trial/demo version of Site Grinder. It is used with Photoshop to make your own webiste. I made one in less than 8 hours. I have not purchased it yet, so it is not up for you to look at, but they do have sites you can look at that were done with it. It is very user friendly. You will need to buy a domain name and pay for a host, but it is yours, if you want to look into it go to I don't know about the password part of it yet though. I am still looking into it's capabilities for that. I see sites that used Sg and have it, but not sure how they got it yet. Lanette

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