inexpensive holder for 5 4x5 double holders

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ken_schroeder, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. I am always looking for inexpensive items to help my photography. I
    was at the grocery store yesterday and found a plastic insulated
    lunch bag someone had misplaced in school supplies. Upon looking at
    it at home, it is indeed a perfect fit for either my Calumet roll
    film back or five 4x5 holders with good room, six in a pinch. Seven
    in a real pinch. It has a substantial velcro belt loop in the back
    and a top handle for attaching to a back pack or carrying. It costs
    $5.99. Worst case scenario, it will carry a small water bottle or
    two and some lunch. It is made by Outer Circle Products and is
    called an Arctic Zone Insulated Lunch Bag Collapsible. It has a
    label RLU54000-02 and a bar code number 16497 54000. This
    particular one happens to be purple...don't know about other colors.
    A length of string tied to the top or back could hold it on the
    tripod during use for easy access....I think the next time I go
    shopping I will try to find a couple more.
  2. Also Target stores has them, around $6.
  3. I also use a similar insulated lunch bag to hold my film holders.

    Another good source of inexpensive bags for holding odds and ends is a baby things store. Diaper bags are cheap and well designed for holding lots of things. But the lunch bags are certainly the smallest and cheapest.
  4. Not to burst your inventive bubble.Camera companies & Kodak have made little cooler bags for film for years.I have a blue Olympus bag that is indeed nothing more than a lunch bag with their name printed on it!
  5. Ken,

    What ever you do, do not use anything made of plastic or nylon.
    These material readily build static charge which can cause
    serious dust problems. The charge will transfer from the plastic
    bag to the film holders and then to the film itself. The minute you
    open the film holder for exposure dust will be sucked onto the
    film and can ruin the shot.

    I have made envelopes from black poster board for each film
    holder. I then coat the envelopes with map water proofing.
    Paper will not build static charge. All preloaded film for Polaroid,
    Kodak, and Fuji use paper sleeves for the same reasons. Film
    holders that are made of plastic use a special type of plastic that
    is conductive and will not build static charge.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I'll poke around Target and the baby departments. The diaper bag would certainly have another advantage; it wouldn't advertise expensive contents. No Steve, you haven't broken any bubbles. Stephen, I'll keep the static electricity issue in mind. I haven't noticed a problem that way, however I live in Ohio where the climate is not as dry as in other areas. I do work around static electricity (electrostatic discharge) with my day job with telephone and data circuit packs. Most of us touch grounded metal before handling the packs to get rid of the static electricity. Touching an unpainted part of a metal tripod might help that way. I'll have to try the Ohmmeter on my Tiltall. (I'll post the results.) And I'll look for non plastic holders.
  7. If you want to pack more holders, Arctic Zone also makes a 6 pack cooler that holds approximately 1 dozen 4x5 holders. Also has a front pocket that you can use to store more stuff if you want.

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