individual exposure frames of the different 8x11 types ???

Discussion in 'Minox' started by oliver__, Sep 2, 1999.

  1. when looking to the negatives made with my
    three minoxes, each film has a signature
    of the camera: exposed with the A (III S),
    the negatives are rectangular with straight borders.
    But with the LX, on one short side of the negative,
    there is a convexity of about 1 mm in the middle
    of the border line. And with the BL, this convexity
    is at the beginning of the short side.
    Does anybody know something about this signes?
    Are they typical for each model? So which signes
    do the B, the C, and so on expose onto the film?


    Or is this just due to the different production years?


    Either Hubert Heckmann nor the german instruction manuals
    give any hint to this "fingerprint" of the different models.
  2. Oliver, the marking on the Minox 8x11 frame is Minox factory indentification code;
    base on the shape and postion of the |) shape marking, a Minox lab technician can identify the model and batch of a particular camera.
    But no one outside Minox knows the code list.

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