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  1. BB652668-914B-4B97-A49B-0BF21CA7B838.jpeg Shot this at Princeton, I asked her for a few minutes to pose. My photo teacher, who I was with, said to ask her to step into the light a bit. I like the results, even though the background is dark, it’s lit enough to know that it is a gothic archway she’s dancing in front of. For a quick shot, with available light, your thoughts?
    Rolleiflex 2.8f, Kodak Tri-X 400,
    October, 2020
  2. It's fine. Perhaps interesting to compare with a higher or lower perspective or framing. I realize you may be below the stage... or maybe not with a waist shot. The lighter part of the archway competes at the intersection of her gaze. Looks like the upper third has some interest but restricted to a phone display, right now - i can't quite make it out.
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  3. At my home monitor. The upper section is interesting it enhances your chosen framing. I would prefer that the light area in front of her face were brought down a bit so her face and flowers and hands were the lightest areas.
  4. I love the way that the light is hitting her face and body. As she looks to her right, the light falls off and turns to shadow, which is nice. The dark background sets her off. I'm surprised, why do you question that?

    I'd crop out some of the dark arches above her. As is, they have almost as much weight as the subject. Still, very nice.
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  5. I don't see it that way. I see the light area directly behind her mouth and chin and down to her arm as a discreet patch of light which is consistent and not falling off.
    I agree. On this point, I think you're calling attention to the composition more than the light, in that her eye is right against the strong curved line of the arch, which sets up an unproductive competition. One of the stronger elements of the composition is the alignment of her implied view with the strong line of her arm. The archway being where it is competes with that.
  6. I don't question the dark background. I question the light background. and alignment.

    Sam I walked away before you posted, didn't see your post..... yes composition, also eye sucking tones.

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  7. I was speaking to the OP.
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  8. understand, i did not make the connection it could have gone either way.
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  9. I like the subject, the light and the composition. A really good image like this could, in my opinion, be cropped at least three different ways and be just as good.
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  10. Very nice composition and lighting. There is almost a straight line diagonal from the top right of the image to the bottom left caused by the subjects arms, giving the entire photograph exceptional balance. The dim arches on top and in the background add a lot of mood and mystery. The subject seems to be lit only by the light in the background, but if that was the case, she would have been under exposed. In any case, the front lighting is not harsh or offensive. Well done ! Just to be nit picky, I would crop about half an inch(or less) from the top of the image, it seems like empty space to me ?
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  11. Thank you for your thoughts!
  12. Thank you, I am always trying to find a way to not crop, not sure why, but maybe it’s because I love the square format
  13. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I like everything about this photo: the slant of the arms, the curve of the body, the expression on her face, the lighter arch in the background framing the body... everything!
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  14. Quite a complement! Thank you sir!
  15. I too like the photograph for the reasons Vincent Peri said. The only question I'd ask the OP is what are you trying to show? It seems that it is unsure about how much the focus is on the dancer, and how much is on the background relation. For me, I'd crop it in to take away some of the space above her which to me is superfluous and detracts.
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  16. Being that Princeton is such a beautiful place, I tried to keep the arches in the frame for aesthetic reasons. It was a quick shot, as we had not planned on the shoot, it was just happenstance that she happened to be there practicing her dancing. If I had more time/equipment, I may have back lot the arches to add more detail, but I’m generally very happy with the resulting shot, as I only started seriously shooting film about 18 months ago.
  17. Its really well shot. You did well to let her come into the light and she looks great. If you like the crop as it is, go with it. I just think composition wise, it would be stronger cropping down the top a little. You still see the arch and some of the vaulting but the amount of empty space doesn't function well to me. But that just an opinion. It's a wonderful pic.
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  18. Appreciate it! It was a fun shot, right place at the right time : )
  19. I live in So Cal and we get a lot of super contrasty light, but also nicer in the late afternoon. I really learned to love the look when you have a dark background around a subject but when they just step out so the front is in the light and always thought it was effective. So I think that makes your pic pop!
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  20. I like the pose, the angle of the shot and the BW processing. However, to me, the light at the end of the archway is distracting and kind of squishing the subject with the background, rather than make her ‘float’ in the front. I feel, the contrast between the closer arches and the distant bright part is a bit more than I would prefer. If there was a more gradual falloff of the light intensity from front to back, it might have made for a more effective use of the background. Some selective dodging/burning may help here, but not too much, since the underexposed part can only be dodged to a limited extent. That’s my opinion so far.
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