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  1. Hello!

    Any travelers out there who've flown into India on an eVisa, then left for an excursion to Nepal, returning to India (then back to USA, for me)? I'm concerned that the eVisa which I have from India may not permit multiple entries. Anyone have any experience to share? Even India's own tourist websites are conflicted, one specifying two entries are permitted and other saying multiple entries are only permitted for medical care.

    I plan on calling the Indian Embassy in the USA on Monday but I wanted to know if anyone has run into this ... I have to assume it's a common itinerary for people visiting northern India.

    Thank you!
  2. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    the tourist evisa is now valid for 60 days from date of arrival and is double entry.

    Indian e-Visa

    (click on instructions and then see point 8)
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  3. Norman -- thank you! That page you shared was the Website I used to apply for my eVisa but I failed to note the point you brought to my attention.

    With that being seen, this comment on my accepted eVisa letter makes more sense:

    Your first arrival in India should be between December 08th,2017 to April 07th,2018

    • On presentation of ETA to the Immigration Officer on your first arrival, an e-Visa stamp (valid for 60 days from the date of first arrival in India) would be endorsed on your passport.
    • The second/third (only for e-Medical Visa) entries will be granted within the e-Visa validity period stamped on your passport
    I read the parenthetical comment on the last bullet as applying to both the second and third entries to India. I now realize they mean only the third entry would be for Medical purposes.

    I appreciate the help!

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