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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by marc_rochkind, May 19, 2017.

  1. In early May I ordered metal prints (the largest 20x30) from Adormapix for an upcoming art show. One of the three arrived a little early, last Friday. The other two, including the big one, wasn't delivered, even though UPS showed that it was in their distribution center. But not out for delivery. Desperate to get UPS to do something, I filed a lost-package claim on Monday, even though it wasn't lost. UPS had it, but wasn't delivering it. Not on Monday, not on Tuesday, not on Wednesday.

    On Thursday I finally heard from UPS: The package had been damaged, and was being sent back. The show is tomorrow (Saturday), so no big metal for my booth.

    Well, I have another show in a few weeks, so I called Adoramapix to tell them to just cancel that order, intending to place a new order. Not necessary, they said. We'll just print and send this one again. Are you sure it will arrive in two weeks, I asked? Yes, they said. We'll put a rush on it.

    That was yesterday, Thursday. They made the two metal prints, and SENT THEM OVERNIGHT, at their expense. They arrived a few hours ago. And I will have all three for my show tomorrow!

    Truly outstanding service from Adoramapix, especially as the damage wasn't even their fault. I'll never print with anyone else.

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