Increase traffic and do some fixes to my site

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by rcm imprints, May 29, 2012.

  1. Is there someone in this group who knows how to optimize a web site and can also do a few fixes that my current web site designer cannot do? I need someone to create back/forward arrows for each portfolio in order to facilitate ease of use. I would also be open to other suggestions. My web site:
    Thanks. Rhea
  2. The fix to the back-forth can be done relatively easily in the image map you're using with a "Next" button like the "Back" (back is usually on the left and next on the right) by adding it to the larger image with the image map code. As for optimizing, I've never understood what the does except to configure Web page for faster loading, and that depends the code for the Web page(s). As for suggestions, that's relative to one's taste. I would use larger images than words (words support images which are the invitation to the larger image or portfolio. After that there's a variety of ways to create a slideshow without flash.

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