Inconsistent firing of Profoto B1

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by ken_owen|1, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. I was just wondering if anybody is having a similar issue. I've noticed my B1 will fire a very over exposed flash periodically. In a set of
    about 30-40 shots, three to four will be greatly over exposed. There's no consistency and I don't see any pattern to when it happens.
    However it's never two in a row.
  2. Which camera? And is it with the same lens? (exif info for the shots will tell you).
    I had a similar intermittent situation ... which turned out to be a sticking lens aperture. Rather than stopping down upon release, it stayed wide open and grossly over-exposed the shot with the B1.
    - Marc
  3. Also, TTL mode or manual mode? Manual should be dead-on consistent barring equipment failure—TTL can bounce all over the place depending on what the camera decides the correct exposure is at any given moment.

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