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  1. Here is my picture of the area where the Oroville Dam and spillway were built. We were doing archaeological salvage in what ws to be the spillway area.
    Feather River rapids
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  2. Do we have to talk about water.?
    If so..............why did THIS 62 year old have to clear out the storm drain, at 10PM last night, while the 4 or 5 30 year olds, that live Right On THAT Corner, just stood there, smoking a J and marveling at the flooding.? :)
    In their defense, they DID come to my aid when i tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, and fell down..........

    Anyway.............. "archaeological salvage" that something you do professionally, or is it a hobby.?
  3. It was professional, though this was early in my career.

    It used to be called "mitigation of adverse impact" too
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  4. Didn't the Orville Dam almost collapse a few years ago? Were major repairs every made and completed, or did they just get it through that one crises and stop. Infrastructure, Infrastructure. It actually does mean something.
  5. Well, yes, there was a failure in the Spillway, but we had NOTHING to do with it, Nothing, I tell you......o_O
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  6. Did you guys find rather interesting "Stuff" at times.?
    It sound like a pretty fascinating profession, compared to the typical work a lot of guys do.
  7. I confess it. There were only some times (as a busboy in high school, a financial dean in college, etc.) where I actually had to "work". The rest of the time, I was mostly having fun and getting paid for it, besides.

    I'm still having fun, but my bones are getting a little older.
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