In the central highlands of Vietnam...

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  1. Was that taken near Phûc Mî?
  2. Cute
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  3. You should move would be right at home!
  4. This family grouping reminds me (I don't mean copying!) of Dorothea Lange's probably most famous photo 'Migrant mother'(1936).

    But there are big differences: the mother's expression (to me) looks open, soft, caring, relaxed, but also resolute.The same applies to her children. One of the things I really like about this photo is the catchlights in the eyes of the 3 people on the right They're all looking openly into the world and the catchlights really bring them to life.

    At least, this is the 'personal fantasy' I invented for this photo. I realize that the reality may be very different.
  5. Two important qualities that give Migrant Mother its lasting power are the mother’s softened, wizened gaze and the yearning gesture and placement of her hand as well as the children’s hidden faces which provide a haunting mystique and ambiguity companionable with the mother’s expression. Migrant Mother’s iconic power lies partly in its being a closeup and somewhat statuesque, seeming to represent so much more than itself.
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