In search of 9x12 Cut Sheet Film Holders!

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by jeff bishop, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for Voightlander 9x12 Cut Sheet Film holders with
    sheaths. I also need a couple of extra sheaths. Would like to find
    a lot of them, but will take whatever I can find. Feel free to
    email me with what you may have!

    Jeff Bishop
  2. Jeff,

    Another solution is to find slide in spring backs that take 3x4 film holders, that film size now available through J&C Photography. These holders are much more common and give you two sides per holder (of course they are more than two times as fat as the single 9x12).I now have three emulsions available to me and yes, I am happy.

    tim in san jose
  3. Jeff

    You will see the holders come up from time to time on ebay, more often on the German site.

    I got some sheaths out of the modern double-sided 9x12 holders. The holders, with sheaths, cost less than sheaths alone! They fit perfectly into the holders.

    If you find another source, or a whole pile of holders, I'll share them :) Oh, and no bidding against me either!

    BTW, there are quite a few B+W emulsions in 9x12 (J and C in the US, Retro Photographic in the UK), plus I believe there are even more available, colour also, in Germany. In fact, I have seen colour 9x12 advertised on

    BTW, good first shot!

  4. Good first shot? Got something to share Jeff to help put me over the edge?
  5. Mike, Jeff's original posts on this camera were in the Large Format forum here on
    Zeca First Shot
  6. There will be a camera show here in Philly early March. I will be there looking for all kinds of goodies, but mainly holders and sheaths. Would love to find a shutter with flash, too.
  7. I just posted, and forgot to mention this...

    When I tried to order 9x12 film from JandC, they were all out of all 9x12 film. The German site won't sell to the US, instead instructing you to go through JandC.

    Getting desperate, I called Kodak to see if they had any of this film. To my surprise, they did! They have Tri-x pan film in the 9x12 size (and I like Tri-x). They told me that any dealer who sells Kodak Film can order it for me too. Just specify the Kodak Stock number: 8762783

    List price is $44.75.

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