In praise of Leica Repaiman Youxin Ye

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  1. It is time I pay tribute to Youxin Ye, Leica repairman in the Boston area:
    For several years Youxin has worked on my M and screw mount Leicas. He has always been reliable, fast, fair priced, and above all, 100%
    honest. Furthermore, as a Leica collector himself, he has incredible historical knowledge and a special love for the cameras.
    He does not have a website; however, very quick in replying to email:
  2. My apologies for the typo: REPAIRMAN
  3. I can add to this. When I was searching for my first Leica, I considered an M that would require repair, Youxin was a noted
    repairman and i thought his opinions on this purchase would be useful. He spent over an hour on the phone with me thoroughly explaining all of my potential options. He even pointed me in the direction of an excellent dealer who I ended up
    getting the camera from ( I haven't yet sent the camera out to Youxin for a CLA and "check-up" as
    it is working and I am about to leave for a trip but as soon as I get back it will be in the mail on it's way to him. Youxin is
    not only a nice guy but as Julio said he knows more than almost anyone I've ever met.

  4. Youxin is excellent and very ethical. Been to his home a few times (only about 1 hour's drive away) with my 20+ year-old M6 (I'm the original owner and babied it) and a mint IIIf w/5cm Summitar I knew I was paying way too much for at Collectable Cameras (my mistake but no regrets).

    Youxin told me the M6 didn't need any work. How's that for honesty!

    The IIIf was in such good condition, that the only work it needed was a gummy aperture ring cleaning and relube on the Summitar (it was cool watching Youxin take it apart), and a bit of the same treatment on the rewind knob on the IIIf - (afterward it was like butta').

    Youxin did not want to charge me but I insisted on giving him a small token for his time. Upon handing him payment, he reached over and handed me a Yellow #1 Summitar filter to enjoy my new Barnack camera with.

    A Class Act!
  5. This is really sweet and very touching.
  6. I sent him my camera for a CLA. He told me a two week turn around. He actually finished it in one day and sent it back to me the morning after he received it. Super fast to respond to email too. Highly recommended alternative to the Krauter/Goldberg Leica technicians.
  7. I too have had good experiences with Youxin Ye. Fast, reliable, honest and a fine fellow although I have never met him (only via e-mail and parcel post).
  8. Hi...I totally Agree...Iam waiting for my IIIf an some lenses he, (2 weeks), fair priced,honest, a great gentleman. By the way..I got a M3 1135xxx from him this week in nice conditions yet no tested but feel great...Bob
  9. I cannot speak highly enough of Youxin's promptness and integrity. He's worked on two of my cameras, an M3 and an M2. He found a very distressing light leak in the 2, fixed it and sent it back saying it did not need a CLA! The charge was quite reasonable (minimal, to be candid) as had his earlier work been for me. When you read of having to wait sometimes months to get your camera returned, it makes Youxin even more a pearl.

    Drayton C.
  10. A week ago, today I contacted Youxin asking if he could CLA my M6, M4P, M3 and a lens. Since I live within 50 miles I could come to his home and he would do all the work in one day. I arrived around mid morning at his front door; he welcomed me into his home and introduced me to his wonderful family. He began working on my cameras and lens explaining in detail as I watched in amazement. Youxin isn't just a great Leica repairman, he is a good honest and friendly person who truly loves Leica and his work. Moreover, can you believe it, he does this part time; by day he is an accountant. At the end of the day, he did a full CLA on my M4P, M3, a lens and a partial on my M6 explaining it didn’t need a full CLA. The cost, a fraction of what Leica quoted and half of what some other top repair people quoted.
  11. Had a brief interaction with Youxin Ye regarding a camera I bought used that he had serviced for the previous owner. The previous owner (my seller) put us in touch with one another.

    Youxin Ye is a real gentleman -- humble, concerned, and very responsive.
  12. I have had both my IIIC, and M3 repaired by Youxin Ye. and I must add my praise to the accolades he has already received. My 1947 IIIC needed the split image replaced, and both camera and lens were in need of a CLA. Camera looks and functions as when new. The M3 was lost in a flooded home and when found was considered destroyed. It was covered in mold and dirt in and out. When Youxin was finished with the M3 you wouldn't have believed it to be the same camera or lens. I use it as my daily shooter and it's perfect. The man works miracles. I have also purchased an M2 and two lenses from him and his prices are modest for what he delivers. May he live long and prosper!

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