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  1. Hey everyone, recently I just came across some money from my tax return and i want to invest in a new camera, Ive been a serious amateur for about 7 years now I currently own a Canon D60 but it has some dirt inside the sensor that can't be removed and shows up on all my pics and it's really on it's last leg. I'm debating if i should go with the 7D or 50D I'm kinda leaning more towards the 50D because It's 700$ cheaper and I cant really see myself using the 1080P video mode. Basically my question is.. is the 7D that much better? should I hold out and save up that extra 700$ to invest in it? or will the 50D suit me fine? P.S. I'm just a hobbyist and have no itention of selling my photos. Also what does everyone think of this lens for my 2nd lens?
    I already have a 50mm 1.8 that I love and 2 garbage Sigma's one 28-70 2.8-4 and a 70-300 4-5.6
  2. sean,
    Get the cheapest body you can bear to use and spend the rest on glass.
  3. I used to own the 40D and it was a great camera so I say save the $ and get a 40/50D or you may want to take a look at the T2i/T1i if you don't mind the more consumer build, smaller size, and different ergonomics . I know the 7D has a great reputation but all of these cameras are very capable.
    As to lenses I used to have that 20mm lens and while pretty decent, its no better then most zooms so I would suggest saving the money from the body and getting a 17-40 over the 20mm or if you like primes and you don't mind being closer to normal the 28 1.8 is a better buy.
  4. I think that the T2i has the same sensor as the 7D, so Tommy's advice that you take a look at it is well worth considering. I also second his endorsement of the 17-40/4 L over the 20/2.8. I recently sold my 20/2.8 and 24/2.8 because I found I was always using the zoom instead of the primes. The 17-40 is the best deal in the L line, but it's optimized for use on full frame bodies. If you want a wide angle zoom for a crop body, you might want to consider the EF-S 10-22, or one of the Tokina or Tamron ultrawide zooms.
  5. Hi Sean,
    I own the 50D and love it, however you will have to wait for other responses in regards to the 7D.
    From reading some of the other comments over the past month or so, it appears to be a general census that if one already has the 50D that an "upgrade" to the 7D may not be worth the additional expense.
    I'm not normally big on third party lens(es). But last year I purchased a used Tamron AF 17-50mm 1:2.8 (IF) (Aspherical LD XR DiII SP) because I couldn't go the Canon 17-40mm f/4 "L" and I wanted the wider aperture. With the 1.6 crop factor something in the 17-20mm focal length is nice to have as well as the zoom. The Tamron is my "carry around" when I am not on a "specific mission." It is sharp and has good bokeh in my amateur opinion, and compares favorably with my other two Canon "L" lens(es).
    The Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM you have the link to would also be a good choice if a mid-range zoom is not important to you. I would check the "Equipment" section here on PN and see if you can find some Reviews to help in your decision.
    My .02 worth!
  6. If you have got dirt on your current sensor that "can't be removed", you might be one of the people who need the better body seals, etc. on the 7D. Otherwise, all of these have 'cleaning' of a sort built in, and I personally like the control system on the xxD and xD cameras better than that on the "Rebels".
  7. I too once had a D60 with some dirt that was very hard to remove. I took it to a Canon repair centre here in the UK and they managed to shift it - I gather the particle had got between the top two layers of the sensor package. I gather the top layer had to be removed, then the assembly cleaned, and the top layer replaced. Perhaps those early sensors weren't as securely sealed as later ones are?
    Why not get a T1i or T2i with the kit lens, and put the spare cash towards an additional lens? - for example, the EF-S 10-22 will give you options you don't have at the moment.
  8. I find this discussion quite interesting. I have owned my 40D for a little more than 2 years. I am not a professional but am very much enjoying the hobby to the point where I have built up quite a collection of glass and other accessories (e.g., two flashes, tripod, monopod, more carrying cases than my wife has purses, etc.). Around Christmastime last year, I was considering upgrading my 40D, primarily to get a camera that will do better in low light situations (higher ISOs). I spoke with a camera dealer whom I trust and he strongly recommended going with the 7D over the 50D. He said there really is no comparison and it would not be worth the money for me to go from the 40D to the 50D. I don't remember all the reasons why he recommended the 7D, but the video capability on the 7D was only one of the many reasons he gave me.
    I hope others will weigh in on this discussion.
  9. J Polk, Many people claim the 50D had more noise then the 40D. I never used the 50D but the 40D was pretty good. Pretty clean at 800 and useable at 1600 and in some cases 3200 worked well enough for smaller prints. Either way the OP is talking about casual use so any of these camera ( T2i, 40/50D ) will be more then enough for him and with a decent lens should exceed his needs.
    This site gives good reviews with examples of ISO performance.
  10. It really depends on what you shoot and what your preferences are. I shoot a 50D and used to use a Rebel. For my purposes, which may be very different from yours, the 7d's video is nearly worthless, its better AF is not worth a great deal, but its better high-ISO would be very nice. Whether it would be nice enough to spend $700 (or to give up $700 in glass) is another question, which I did not have to answer for myself because I bought the 50D before the 7D was out. On balance, it would probably not be worth the $$ for me, but it probably is for many others.
    On the other hand, I find the ergonomics and controls of the 50D worlds better than those of the Rebels and don't regret spending the $$ to upgrade. Again, personal preference.
  11. I agree that the T2i or a used 40D would be a good option, unless Sean needs to use ISO over 3200 or shoot at higher fps rates, but doesn't sound like these would apply. Plus it would be much cheaper and you could spend more on lens/lenses.
    As to the 20mm lens, I'd suggest the Tokina 11-16mm or Sigma 10-20mm or Canon 10-22mm instead if you need ultra wide, 20mm isn't that wide on a crop sensor. I have the Tokina and use it pretty often.
  12. 40D, 50D, 7D... all are great cameras and you save a lot of money if you look for one on the used market. However, you can also take a good look at a secondhand EOS 5D since prices have come down and full-frame has become affordable.
    For your second lens all depends on what you love to shoot, if you prefer zooms or primes and so on.
  13. With the 7D you get: wireless flash control, faster frames-per-second, a little bit better high-iso, very fancy AF, biggest crop viewfinder on the market, and video of couse. If you want these features then go with the 7D.
    The 50D will be a major upgrade and has lots of goodies: heaps of megapixels, pretty amazing high-iso, big LCD, live-view, very good AF, lots of fps, and so on.
    As for a lens. I shot the 20/2.8 for a while after switching from film. It's a good lens. However these days it gathers dust now that I'm shooting Tamron 17-50/2.8 and Canon 17-55/2.8 IS. These lenses are sharper, equally fast, they zoom, and one of them has IS.
    My advice: why mess with full-frame ultrawides. Get yourself a crop lens. IMO it's much better bang-for-the-buck. Maybe try to see if you can get a package with the 15-85 IS lens and body (50D or 7D). This'll save you some $$
  14. yes the 7D is that much better, however without great lenses, the 7D will be held back as far as IQ. The saying "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" absolutely applies to photography. That in mind, an above average lens on an average body will produce better photos that a sub par lens on an incredible, top of the line body. If your heart is set on the 7D or you just have that much money, then I'd look for a used one. I've seen a few pop up on craigslist lately for around $1300. If you don't get the 7D, the 40D and 50D are both great cameras and the 40D will leave you more $$$ for lenses.
  15. Thanks for all the Help everyone! I actually just have one more question.. I was going to order online from B&H photo. I bought a lens from them in the past and I had no problems with them, would this be a wise decision when it comes to buying a camera body?
  16. Yes, buying at B&H is a wise decision.
  17. B&H, Adorama and sometimes Amazon are all good.
  18. Thanks everyone!
    I think I'm going with the 50D and either the Tamron SP AF17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di-II LD Aspherical [IF] or The Canon EF 17-40 F4
  19. Just an idea: maybe you could consider buying an used 5D. I guess (haven't checked) you could get it for about the same price as a 50D. I don't know if you need large prints and good high ISO-performance but if you do, you can think about this as well.
    Otherwise, I am still using a 30D and it is an excellent tool... and the 50D must be even better. ;-) I would say that if you don't specifically need some features of the 7D then it is better to go for the cheaper (but still excellent) body and get a quality lens.
  20. I still use my 30D but picked up a used 5D from KEH for the FF and love both. Just my $0.02.

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