In-body image stabilization

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by vick_vickery, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Thinking of picking up a cheap spare body for my DSLR kit...what model did Omega first put in-body stabilization in? I've spent a bit of time reading specs, but found the 400-series cameras don't seem to have it mentioned, so when did it start?
  2. E510. Omega? (Olympus).
  3. LOL ... Olympus is the "Omega" for many, I guess. ;-)
    Not sure myself whether the E-3 predated or postdated the E-510, but one of them was the first. The E-4xx models do not have image stabilization.
    E-1, E-300, E-330, E-4xx - no
    E-3, E-30, E-5xx, E-6xx - yes
  4. Thanks, y' of fingers outrunning mind! :) I was looking at an Omega view camera in-body stabilization, though.
  5. E-500 doesn't have IS either, the E-510 was the first of that line to get it.

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