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  1. I see photos with "Impressions" and some number. What are impressions and how are they given?
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  2. I was told any time a mouse passes over a photo in your gallery it gets rung up as an Impression. I would also like a better explanation.
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  3. If true, I believe that is an awfully poor way to assess interest in someone's work. I pass my mouse over photos that I really don't like so where is the value . When I like something I select Admire, and in some cases Clap. For example, there is someone that is posting many pictures of hair extensions and more in what I believe is an attempt to advertise; IMHO the photos are real stinkers but my mouse goes over them as I traverse the page. You'll notice that these pictures have an incredible number of views and likes - robots?
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  4. Impressions tell you just what you think they do, not that someone likes them but simply that someone has come across them. Admires and applause tells you something else. It’s all information.

    Critiques give you the most info, but are unfortunately in short supply these days. Best way I know to try and get helpful feedback on your photos is to thoughtfully critique others and hope or ask that others comment on your work in return.

    The clicks on various icons or mouse-over impressions are just a game of social networking mindlessness, not worth expending much energy on.
  5. Views vs Impressions?

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