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  1. Q1 - Is there a way to easily default the File Naming Template for Import Photos
    from Device?

    Every time I create a new catalog, it goes back to {Filename}. Since I create a
    new catalog for every project I do, I lose the template. This is also an issue
    with the 'Copy to:' location.

    Q2 - How do I set the starting number for 'sequence number'? I'd like my import
    files to be renamed to something like YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-seqnum where seqnum is a
    unique sequence number starting from my last image capture.

  2. a1>0 after setting up the template , save it and make it the default.

    a2: the way I set it up is "Vener_YYYYMMDD-####"
  3. Clarifications -

    Q1 -

    I can't find where "save" is.

    From the Lightroom main menu, I got to File / Import Files from Device...

    I choose the drive letter for my my compact flash card.

    I get a dialog box titled "Import Photos from I:\(NIKON D200)"

    I go to the "File Naming:" option and select "Edit..." from the pull down for Template:

    I get the Filename Template Editor

    I edit the template and press the "Done" button

    I know the template is saved as a 'default' at this point. But if I create a new LR database, I no longer have that same import template.

    Q2 -

    If I use Sequence # in the filename template, I can't specify the starting number. There's no capability to specify the starting number. I guess the purpose is to resolve filename clashes. (And I've now found out that after doing the import, I can do a File Rename which does allow me to specify the starting number.)

    * These aren't serious issues, but it's still a pain to re-enter my naming template every time I create a new database.
  4. When you edit a File Naming template, don't click done until you've accessed "save as..." from the pull-down menu (where all the templates are.) Once you've saved it, then click "done" and it'll be there next time, too.
  5. Not sure why you use a new catalog for every project. One of the benefits of using Lightroom
    is the ability to work across a large number of projects.

    One strategy that might net what you want is to use a master catalog for importing and
    preparing work, then export to a new catalog as you finish projects to allow them to be
    burned to DVD for a permanent record.

  6. Thanks Dan. I've never seen "Save as..." buried in a pull-down list like that.

    Godfrey - I didn't know you could do that. But I do vaguely recall there are some settings that are settable on a per catalog basis.

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