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  1. I just saw a webinar about Lightroom and the presenter was using a Fugi camera. He discussed the color profiles that Fuji had made for Lightroom, there are 16 on them, including profiles for some of Fuji's classic films, eg Velvia. IOW changing the color profile to the Velvia setting, makes the image look as if it was shot using Velvia. I am shooting with a Nikon d810, but long ago I used to shoot with Velvia and Reala, especially liking Reala. IN my profile browser I do not see how to add profiles to the list, in fact I do not see profiles listed as "Nikon," though there are lots of profiles listed.
    Is there a way to add profiles to the list, and how, and where would the profiles be accessed?
  2. I do not know where Adobe stores the built-in camera profiles, but user generated camera profiles, for Lightroom running under Windows, are stored in:


    in files with a file type of .dcp

    FYI I am running Lightroom 6.14 under Windows 10.
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    The .dcp profiles are camera specific. IOW, a profile for a Fuji camera cannot be used with a Nikon etc.
  4. Thanks for both responses
    and @digitalgod...yeah I was afraid of that.
    I did find
    Free Lightroom Profiles Archives
    they offer different sections for "profiles" and presets.
    I downloaded a few but haven't installed them yet, so I don't know if they are presets or profiles.
    They had "profiles" for a couple of Fuji films, but not Reala.
  5. Fuji Film Simulation Profiles

    Any help?

    These profiles, and, I suspect, the 16 profiles you refer to above, are based on the Xtrans digital film simulations as used in the current Fujifilm digital cameras, not the original films.
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  6. So, I installed them. They did go into the profiles section of LrC, not the presets section, but I'm not impressed with much of a difference.
    I was hoping that by installing them I would get the "look" of Fuji film, as I remember it, but that was not the case. I am sure using Fuji equipment and then LrC would produce more significant results.
    The way I remember Reala, and why it was my favorite, was not because it reproduced colors as accurately as possible--as the Kodak films did, but it produced colors the way one's eye saw them, or remembered them. IOW it inserted a "human bias" into the reproduction of colors. I liked that a lot.
  7. Was just about to say the same :)
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  8. But aren't the Xtrans simulation supposed to at least attempt to recreate the looks of the films? Unfortunately they don't try to simulate Velvia 50 in the current choices, I think its the newer Velvia 150 and it's not the same film, or simulation.
  9. I think the consensus is that they each have their own, distinctive, looks, but they're not all that close to the actual films. Xtrans 'Astia' (from above) is quite different from Rawtherapee/HaldCLUT 'Astia 100F', which looks closer to real Astia. That's not to say that you can't achieve something close by tweaking the settings.

    OP - maybe take a look here?

    The Largest Collection of HaldClut/Luts brought together
  10. I've actually been using Capture 1 Fuji specific. The profiles are ok as far as they go. The Velvia does have some resemblance as does the Provia. But I would agree with the consensus. Some of them are closer to the films than others.
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  11. profiles should be under C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\ though not sure how you'll apply FUJIFILM profiles to Nikon raws.
  12. it can't be done; they are camera specific
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  13. There’s a workaround using “certain” public domain raw processor - google it.
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    What is this workaround (for DCP profiles) for Lightroom Classic?
    That was the question.

    The concept of using a color profile for any device that isn’t made for that specific device is foolish.
    I can use an Epson 3880 (ICC) profile on an Epson 9600, without a workaround and that too would be utterly foolish.

    The reason there's so much ignorance on the subject of color management, is that those who have it are so eager to regularly share it!” - The Digital Dog
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  15. See the specific part of the question I addressed - people have the right to experiment.
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    So you can't answer the question specific to Lightroom Classic with respect to DCP profiles, provide a URL for doing this (with Lightroom Classic or otherwise) and believe, people have the right to play with razor blades on the freeway by attempting to do, what Adobe smartly doesn't allow: use the wrong camera profile for the wrong camera.
    Getting back to Earth one, the original question, and what John Di Leo said: John Di Leo is utterly correct. it can't be done and shouldn't be done, as DCP camera profiles like ALL camera profiles are camera specific!
    I don’t know if you are purposely trying not to understand this, or if you are really struggling with it.
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  17. erm! That’s bit drastic - I was only talking image processing
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    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Try answering the questions addressed to you that poke holes in your posts on the topic of DCP camera profiles in Lightroom.
    If you can not, I fully understand and support your desire to stop posting misunderstandings of basic color management.
  19. That's what I actually wanted the OP to google and experiment with in my previous post:) this however is not by all means restricted to haldcuts via Colour> film simulation as you could also mount DCPs via Colous> Colour management> Input > Custom. Not sure re. overall cross-breeding outcome but certain mix'n'matches look highly convincing e.g. Olympus-Nikon (I use Image J to quantify histogram).

    On a completely separate note with no relevance whatsoever - somehow fujifilm profile specific PS DCPs (I use ACR as do not own lightroom) are completely missing from the typical HDD location where all other model/ profile specific DCPs live aside from single model e.g. X-E3 (adobe) profiles. tis thus a mystery to me as to where does adobe derive these from? the RAFs themselves?
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    If you are referring to DCP profiles to “simulate” camera picture styles, Adobe doesn't necessarily provide Camera Matching Profiles for all cameras.

    ” Support for a particular flavor of a camera’s raw file does not necessarily mean that there will be Camera Matching profiles for that camera at the time of raw file support. It is normal for Camera Matching profiles to follow raw support by one or two releases. In the case of some camera manufacturers or the event of major changes by a particular manufacturer, that time may be greatly increased.

    Note: Not all cameras will ever receive a set of Camera Matching profiles.

    What does camera 'support' mean? | Adobe Photoshop Family

    Lastly: The location for .dcp camera profiles should be:
    Mac: /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles
    Win: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles
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