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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by james___, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Well after many tries at doing this I have finally been able to post
    some images to my portfolio on Please look at my images and
    let me know what you think. I posted them mainly for those who have
    been in discussions with me concerning various aspects of photography.
    in the past. I hope these images give you some idea of the level of my
    expertise. These are just a few examples of my work. More can be seen
  2. By your posting this in the Large Format forum I bet they are all 4x5 or larger... right?
    Maybe excellent platinums made from your 12x20 negs? Or even 20x24 pinhole negs used to create beautiful cyanotypes?
    Let us know so we can be prepared.
  3. James, asking people to look at your images on a computer screen is like calling a friend and asking him to give his opinion of your new stereo sound system over the phone. Think about it. Something is lost in the transposition. Actually, this post is just a free plug for, isn't it? I'm new to this forum. Never had a discussion with you before. Don't want to have one now.
  4. In a quick look around I see nothing about It is posts like Mr Singers that we could do without, not the regular contributions from JAMES- who has participated here for a while.

    Is this the kind of "discussion" we will be having here now that we are on I was rather ambivalent before the move but now I am not. I really really hope this forum does not degenerate as quickly as it appears to be doing. A number of the threads over the past week have made my daily browsing of the LF board much less fun.

  5. Oh right, as for posting LF images on the web, what is your problem? A photographic image is a combination of composition, interpretation and aesthetics in addition to sharp detail. Posting images on the web can not convey sharp detail, but in order to give someone "some idea of the level of (their) expertise", there is a lot more to it than being able to expose a sharp negative.
  6. Eugene, I dont think James did anything to be terribly upset about. One of the features of is the ability to upload pictures, and James used it. Thats all. I think we're all a bit cranky. I know I am
  7. Wayne, I'll admit that I was a bit cranky when I responded to James' post. I was not familiar with the decorum of this forum. I got flamed, big time, for doing it, both on and off the forum. I appologize for my rude behavior.

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