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  1. cleared cookies, disabled ad blocker - still no luck

  2. How did you upload the screen shot? Seems like it should have been pretty much the same situation as uploading a photo jpg...How big was the jpg file?
  3. On a Windows PC running Vista - just held the Alt key down and press the Prnt Scrn key on top row. Then use the Copy command to insert it. Also, file is only about 250kb. I always try to upload the same files that uploaded OK with the old software. To be honest, I have pretty much given up. Left a PM for Glenn Palm awhile back, but he never responded.
  4. Once more

  5. Going to try again... Nope
  6. Famico, after you get the error message, are you refreshing your browser and trying again? I get that same error when I try to upload a file. I refresh, and re-upload and it works fine. But I always have to get-the-error-refresh-repeat in order to succeed. Are you doing that?
  7. Hi Julie,
    Thought I had tried that, but have had so many issues, can't remember anymore. Will try what you suggested right now:

    Nope, that didn't work either, but thank you for trying to help.
  8. Dont mind me
  9. test
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  12. I have not been onsite for a few months.. the new software is not particularly thrilling, and trying to upload a file to one of the threads on the No Words Forum in like being in Purgatory.. you try and try again, but you are always on the way to Hell!
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