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  1. An online, not for profit, company contacted me and would like to use one of my images for their Christmas card this year. They have a facebook following of over 169k members. I have sold images to individuals but have never received this kind of request. My research seems to vary and I would like to be ready when I speak to them again. Thank you
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    I assume your question is: "How much do I charge them?"

    Not much detail in your OP and what is there is open to interpretation, specifically, does the 169,000 facebook members indicate each of those people will receive a Christmas card and will that be a 'digital' card or a real Christmas card - if neither, then the facebook following seems irrelevant to this discussion: however, based upon what information you've provided, prima facie, if it is as real Christmas card, consider supplying the image gratis, for one season's run provided you have a photo credit, on each card.

  3. I just noticed the "non profit" part of the original post.

    It might depend on what kind of organization it is, and your thoughts about their work.

    One possibility is to donate it, consider it as a donation of something of value and, depending on where you are, get a tax deduction.

    That would make more sense if it was the type of organization that you might donate to.

    Just because they are non-profit, doesn't mean that they don't have a reasonable budget,
    and can pay for things that they need. It might be that the "Christmas card" is actually a fund
    raising event. It that case, it isn't unreasonable to expect payment, maybe based on the
    number of cards sent out.

    Non-profits get a postage discount, so it costs even less than the usual bulk mail price for for-profit companies.
    They might get them printed and mailed for USD0.40 each or less.
  4. Just a caution. There are lots of false requests of this sort as well, so be careful and never leave any serious information with them.
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  5. William Michael

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    One primary consideration in business is being prompt with replies to inquiries.

    You might have already replied, however it would be easy to conclude there might be too slow an approach in dealing with this inquiry as evidenced by the lack of your engagement in this conversation.

  6. There might also be false claims that you (whoever "you" is) are using someone else's photo, asking for payment.

    There is a recent story about someone submitting invoices for real purchases,
    but with the wrong payee name and address. (Maybe stealing the right one from
    a mailbox, first.) Always caution on either side of the transaction.
  7. The suggestion with the caution is right! regarding the followers, ask how is your name going to be presented and try to make some conclusions if you will benefit from those thousands of followers.
  8. I think, you had to applied 50-60% boosting your FB page first then deliver image.. If you have that client any resources than you will have try to talk with and if he/she not giving reply so you have post negative feedback on FB page post.

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