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    If anonymous ratings are for new images...I was wondering why this image is
    there? about ten in?

    Not knocking the image...just puzzled!
  2. Just to make it clear Josh..I rated this anon..tonight! in Rate Photos.
  3. There is nothing to prevent an image for which critique was never requested from having critique sought at any time in the future.

    If this image had not had a critique requested, then many might have commented on it (Hugh Hill's portfolio/folders get some substantial traffic, and folder photos were -- and are I think -- eligible for comments even if a critique had not been requested under an older system that I think continues for those photos). For instance I have photos with numerous (over 30 in one instance) comments that never had a critique sought. Arguably I could submit those for critique now, they just would not be eligible for the 'timed' top rated photos list - just the 'all time' lists.

    Arguably Hugh Hill had posted this photo, obtained comments without seeking critique, and just now sought a critique.

    The TRP sorting engine has seldom (if ever) been known to fail; they tell us all the 'bugs' seem to be long out of it

    My explanation makes sense, but I don't have acccess to posting logs for request for critique to ensure what I say is the only explanation

    John (Crosley)
  4. I think John is probably correct.

    You can get comments on your images without submitting them to the critique forum. Then it looks like this fellow decided to submit the image 3 years later.
  5. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Mr. Hill must have wanted to sacrifice himself and lower his average. Those 3's did not come from direct rates but from the RR queue. Regards.

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