Image Breadcrumbs?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by david_manzi|2, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. When I'm viewing an image, I had the option on the old site to immediately navigate to the gallery that contained the photo. So if someone posted a picture of the Venice carnival that was part of a larger collection, I could instantly see the larger collection. Why can't that be included on the new site? Each photo is an island, it seems.
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  2. No reply? No solution?
  3. There'sjust no understanding why they did what they did to Photonet.
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  4. It's very simple, my opinion is that the programmers were not users of the site (I'll venture not even photographers) and the primary focus of the change was to enhance the forum side of the site. The photography side of the site did indeed get just the breadcrumbs left over from the dinner.... Mike
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  5. The did manage to stick ads in user's galleries, though. Not liking this upgrade at all. And WAY too much scrolling with those HUGE images on the front pages. Why? And when I type a reply, the "type a reply" text stays, making the first few works unreadable. Again, why?

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