Imacon Flextight Photo work with PC Win XP?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by vick_ko, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Hello
    Is it straightforward to get an Imacon Flextight Photo scanner, to work with a PC that runs Win XP?
    Furthermore, the PC is a laptop. Is that a "NO GO" because of the need for a SCSI adapter?
    There's one for sale (scanner that is), and I have the impression that it is a very good scanner, but not if I can't get it working with my computer platform.
  2. "A very good scanner" - well, it sells or sold for abut US$10.000 when new, so you are right about that.
    As a professional IT person w. 26 years experience, generally speaking getting it to work with Windows XP is no problem at all, provided your system is fully functional (have seen too many bad configurations I would wish to remember).
    Whilst you can get it to work using a USB to SCSI converter, I would not recommend going down that route, because it may need termination power (which requires an additional power adapter) and you may lose some functionality. Buying a SCSI card is no problem or expense. Just make sure you buy an Adaptec card, to avoid driver problems. Most Adaptec drivers are built-in to Windows XP and just installing the card and booting the computer will automatically install the required drivers and make the card functional.
    Also, general SCSI tips: Make sure the scanner is using the right SCSI ID. 1 and 2 is usually used by hard disks and some software don't expect to find a scanner on this ID, although if you have no other device, you should be fine. 3 to 6 will also work, but the SCSI card uses 7 for its own, so that is reserved. In addition, make sure the scanner is configured for "active termination" where it resends a power signal to the SCSI bus. This is usually done using either dip switches on the device, or if absent, by plugging in an active terminator on the second SCSI port of the device (if present). And of course, you power the scanner up BEFORE booting the computer - then you wait until it has done all its self-tests and is fully initialised, which may take up to a few minutes. Only then do you start the computer !
    A word on SCSI adapters, cables, terminators, etc.: At least here in Hong Kong these items are becoming difficult to find, due to the popularity/simplicity of USB and not many devices using SCSI anymore, so you may have to order. I was looking for a high-density 68-pin Ultra-Wide to narrow SCSI DB25 adapter for my scanner the other day and only just managed to find one.
    Buy it ! It is every photographers dream to have an Imacon scanner (at least where I come from).
  3. Vick, is this the one you were referring to:
    WARNING: This is a scam ! Someone has hi-jacked the sellers account and is offering very exlusive goods all at a "buy it now" price of $1.700. The fraudster will ask you to complete the transaction outside of ebay and send them money using some kind of wire transfer (usually Western Union) and if you do, you will never here from them again and nor ebay nor any law enforcement can help you.
    Ebay users beware ! I was offered a Leaf digital back for Haselblad at an increadible price. The add looked exactly the same as this one. Ususally, ebay will spot these fraudsters and remove their listings, but it may take a few days and some buyers may have fallen for the scam - if no gullible people bit, they wouldn't bother doing this, would they?
    Only complete any ebay transaction on ebay and preferably only using PayPal. otherwise, you have no protection. And generally: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is...

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