I'm shamelessly promoting DR5

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by j._raabe, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. I get nothing from this - no free film, NO free processing.

    But here's some examples of DR5-processed film. All these are done
    with Cosina-Voigtlander cameras and lenses. Specifics on images will
    be answered - film type, filter, EI..

    copy and paste, copy and paste..


    The 1st page in my free little gallery is DR5. Click = bigger.

    copy and paste, copy and paste..


    The DR5 site's showcase. There should be more up there soon, as I'm
    preparing to send some 6x7 & 4x5 shots back to the lab for scanning
    and showcase consideration.

    Not terribly useful unless you're in the US, but I like the DR5! A


    Josiah Raabe
  2. I'll second this. Superb results and excellent service. I've pretty much switched to dr5 for B&W, esp. in MF.
  3. Yep, me too. And the owner is an interesting guy. And he has a cool dog... :D
  4. Recommendations, etc., for a service or product you like should be okay by photo.net policy. It's okay by me.

    BTW, tho', the link you gave to your pix didn't work for me.
  5. Yeah, David Wood is cool. I have some pictures I developed of that dog, Buddy, I think his name is? Cute, cute animal.

    Lex - I didn't think you'd have a problem with me posting this. Nice to have that confirmed. Eh - the long/short of it is, the crayonbrain page works sporadically. Try again! I'd like you to see, actually.. There's some other (assorted) shots up there.. Only gallery 3 am I unhappy with, but I doubt I'll ever get around to changing it..
  6. Is there a site that has more info on the process, etc?

  7. David Wood, owner of dr5.com, occasionally participates here. This is his photo.net page:


    Here's an article about him and the process:

  8. I'll also say that DR5 is amazing. Sheet film works the best as you can control contrast
    in camera through exposure. I'll also say that in addition to being beautiful tonaly, it
    is an unbeliebably sharp process, it enlarges really well.

  9. After some trouble and expense, I decided dr5 was no better than Scala, which I can get processed at a nearby lab.I may go back, though, when Agfa scraps this lovely material.
  10. KInd of expensive compared to processing your own.
  11. Dan, you seem like either a relentlessly optimistic fellow or someone who's determined to master or at least try everything related to film processing.

    For me, tho', having read the procedures for b&w reversal processing, it sounds like slow, painful torture. dr5's prices don't seem out of line for relieving some of us of that particular bit of discomfort.

    Maybe if my "darkroom" wasn't my spare bathroom/laundry room...
  12. Sure, it's not too cheap - but it's very different from home processed. If you're going to scan, DR5 can be a real boost.. HIE is just amazing in DR5 - I can't help with EI or anything like it except to say it's no different than when I run it in XTOL, etc. - either way, HIE is all feel when it comes to exposure, and I rarely bracket the stuff. Only a few films I haven't cared for in DR5 - Neopan 1600 is just plain weird. See atached for what I mean.
  13. Uhhh, how are you printing your positives?!

    I've had Ilfochromes made but recently I've been having them scanned and printed
    using a Lightjet printer. All of the stuff i have shot and processed in Dr5 (FP4, Panf,
    TXP, ORT25) scans really well.

  14. Frankly, Dan, why should I bother when my Scala lab is a 1/2hr away? I also get 135 and 120 Scala at knock-down prices. Unless or until any of those parameters change, I'll stick with it! Thanks but my days contain enough character-building exercises.

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