I'm restoring a Yashica D and need parts

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  1. This old model D is in bad need of a Yashikor 1:3.5 f=80mm taking lens and complete focus knob and of course, any advice anyone has other than, don't do it. It is supposed to snow this weekend in beautiful Kentucky and I don't want to get out in the cold. Too old and too smart. Anyhow, I am not begging for donations of parts, but I can't find a parts camera under $40.00 and I am not a rich fool. Any ideas will be much appreciated. This old girl has been laying around too long.
    I enjoy the forum and look forward to all participants and their posts. If there is a repair shop or parts house that I might get in touch with, then I thank you for the info. Also, there is a screw missing in the flash mount. The leather cover is almost gone and I ordered a new tan replacement. I hope it looks good. This will be a keeper. I will send pictures when I'm finished. I'll bet all of you guys have a camera that needs restoring. Have at it. If I have any parts that you need, let me know and I 'll look in my parts.
  2. To be blunt, I very much doubt if you can fix this camera for less than $40! Any camera offered for parts is likely to have become unserviceable as the result of lens deterioration like yours.
  3. Hey Robert.I have the Yashikor front lens ..well basically. Anyway you're welcome to it. I fear though
    somethings is definitely not right about it..
    I used my beloved "D" and it got wet once... I mean really wet. Thereafter the shutter stuck and I spent
    three times USD 50,00 to get it unstuck but upon non-use it would stick again. Then I discovered I could
    spin off the the front element touch the shutter and POP it would work again. I fear I may have mis-
    threaded it at one point or went beyond the stop point or something but the pictures had a crazy swirl in
    the middle.
    I sent it to repair and complained about how much I spent already and they said they would replace the
    shutter. Unfortunately, I had no time to test it and it was some months after moving to Europe that I
    realized the focus was not right.At first I thought at the time it was simply a collimate problem. I took it
    to a local repair shop and they told me it was beyond repair. So after five years or so I sent it to Mark
    Hama and he charged me USD100,00 and repaired it ( check him for parts) He replaced the lens and
    returned the original front and rear. I never asked him what was the problem?!?!
    Maybe this is the same problem you are having? Frankly sending anything to the US typically costs a
    lot (I'm in Europe) I fear the cheapest standard third class post will cost more than 20,00 I will inquire
    and come back to you,.. But you may want to ask Mark Hama in Florida (http://www.markhama.com/ )
    if he has the parts you need

    What David said is the sad truth. This or similar models are plentiful... and reasonable if your
    perseverance pays dividends. MY sentimental attachment to my exemplar has certainly cost more than
    it was worth ... you might want to cut your losses now :)

    Oopps advice you specifically did not request...
  4. If this camera is anything like a Rollei a donor taking lens is unlikely to match the viewing lens and will be impossible to adjust so that it focuses properly.
  5. I have 2, (I think, 1 working & another with a slow or broken shutter.)
    PM me while I dig through the pile.
  6. I think I received some great advice and bought another camera, actually (3) Yashica D, Yashica mat, and Yashica 635 all on the way through USPS. All of the cameras have 14 day return priviledges and none are over $40.00 I was really surprised, it must be spring break. Lots of thanks to all. Maybe I won't have to work on that old junker after all and it didn't snow. But, the Kentucky Wildcats lost. Next year.
  7. Geez it's good to be back. I have too many hobbies and I cannot wrap my mind around them. I have the D in gray and I just wanted to say that it's nice that someone is going to fix and use it. Today's camera market is such that it jacks up the prices of used (even broken) cameras up to the roof. Good luck with your search. Share results once you get'er going.

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