Im purchasing $25,000 worth of equipment and need help...

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  1. Im buying equipment for professional photography and videography use. Im trying to buy everything at once to receive the best possible deal at a few local stores that are competing for my business. Im just wondering if anyone can help me and guide me to the right direction with my equipment. Do i need anything else?
    Im purchasing
    2 Canon 5d mark ii's that both include the battery grip and extra battery
    70-200mm 2.8
    16-35mm 2.8
    100mm 2.8 macro
    50mm 1.4
    all hoya filters
    2 580ex ii speedlights
    Lowepro CompuTrekker AW bag
    2 canon wireless remotes
    Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
    2 Steadicam merlins with the arm and vest
  2. Hoods for the non-L lenses?
    If you're going to do video, then maybe a mic for the camera?
  3. And a tripod or two?
  4. I would almost suggest getting 1 5DII and 1 7D. It's almost like having a teleconverter except without the loss of speed or quality, might be nice to have the variety?
  5. And now You need the new 1D Mk IV
    and the 400 mm f/2.8
    and Mac pro with 16GB RAM an Aperture 3 and PS 4 and the best printer you get.
  6. If you're trying to cover all focal ranges, you might consider adding a 24-70 or 24-105.
  7. The new IS 100mm L macro. What's another $500.
    And the IS version of the 70-200 f/2.8.
  8. That's about $13,000 worth of equipment if you're in the United States. Consider this option: This year I purchased a Canon 1D3 and a 1DS3 from Adorama. $7500 for the pair (net price was even less after trading in a pair of 5D mkI's). The lenses you listed cost $4500 in the States, plus the meter, filters, and others accessories might add in another $1000. The pair of MKIII's allow me 10 fps speed (1D3) when shooting sports and 21 mp (1DS3) when doing portraits, landscapes or large prints. Much better build quality, auto-focus ability, and metering than the 5D2. Granted they don't do video or have quite the high ISO ability (but the 1D4 will for $5000 - available in December) but that pair is more than capable. For people that complain about the size or weight of the MKIII's, I had the power grip on my 5D's and that combo weighed the same as my MKIII's and the MKIII's are actually slightly smaller than the 5D/power grip combo.
  9. I'd add the 15/2.8 fisheye, but I like them.
  10. I agree with Steve. If you are paying $25,000 for this stuff, you are getting seriously ripped off. You can probably get everything you've listed for under $10,000 if you shop around and buy used equipment in excellent condition when you find a deal. I also doubt there's any reason to have 2 5D's. Get a different camera for your second. Maybe the new 1Ds Mark IV that's coming out.
  11. how about Tripods, flash,
  12. Hi Eddie: Whether you need 1D MKIV or not depends on what kind of photography you do. but having two different
    cameras certainly widens your capability in terms of equipment. For wedding photos EF 24-70 2.8 L is a fantastic lens.
    EF 16-35 II is excellent for landscapes. EF 70-200 2.8 IS L is quite heavy. Check it out and see if you feel conformable
    with its weight. Did you think of brackets for Flash guns. Tripods are must. I would also recommend a good monopods.
    Some places will not let you use tripods but monopods can be used. Monopod can also be used as a hiking stick. Many
    people wish they have your problem of spending $25,000.00. Good luck. Sandy
  13. "how about Tripods, flash," [sic]
    Tripods already suggested (OP wants some sort of "steady" rig) and he SAYS he's buying Speedlites (those are "flashes").
  14. That's about $13,000 worth of equipment if you're in the United States.
    Your estimate may be a couple of thou low, but the OP's "$25,000 worth of equipment" is far too high too.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  15. please include your full address and where this equipment will be stored ;)
    a home alarm system would be a good investment too.
  16. After you've got your best deal at the local stores check out B&H and see how it compares. I understand the need for local service too so whatever you need. In addition:
    you will REQUIRE a tripod-consider Carbon fiber with the legs extended without the center column extended-look at your height with the camera and plate on the tripod to have comfortable shooting height but hopefully without the center column extended very much if at all
    some type of L-plate to allow the camera bodies to be mounted vertical or horizontally quickly
    you will need the 24-70 if you have any landscape interests at all--if people only then consider the 85/1.8 for grat IQ/DOF/low light performance and quite affordable
    25K to spend..I am so JEALOUS!
  17. One small tripod with wrap-around legs that you seriously attach to anything, anywhere.
    One medium size tripod for the picture cameras, one thats light enough to carry around yet sturdy enough for serious use.
    Another larger tripod for video. The video tripod NEEDS a smooth fluid pan head so you can smoothly move the video cam around and track moving subjects. AVOID like the PLAGUE el-cheapo tripods that do not have the smooth fluid pan head.
    Extra batteries and extra picture cards.
    An Expo Disk to help you get custom White Balance for Portraits.
    Extra RAM for your computer. That always helps things run quicker.
    Samsung 32" LCD Color Monitor so you can REALLY VIEW those great images and video.
    Download IRFANFIEW (free software) to use as general purpose image file viewer.
    For desktop PC, an extra internal SATA harddrive, the Western Digital VelociRaptor, 10,000 RPM drive. Use this as your main project work drive. Really quick and speeds up disk IO.
    External USB 1 TB or higher hard-drive to hold completed projects.
    400 SONY DVD-R and CD-R media disks to cover your basic backup needs.
    Some serious video editing software, like say, Sony Vegas Movie Movie Studio Ver 9. (Ver 8 is also very good and very cheap right now).
    Safe Deposit Box at a bank in another town, to hold offsite backup disks of your most important projects and all your "mission critical" files and plans.
    External microphone for your video camera.
  18. Coupla film bodies, coupla dozen rolls of film. And yes, insurance too.
  19. From the Adorama web site today (B&H prices probably similar):
    Canon 5D2 2700 each x 2 = 5400
    Canon 70-200LIS 1900
    Canon 16-35 1450
    Canon 50 1.4 400
    Canon 580EX II 400 each x 2 = 800
    Canon ST-E2 220 each x 2 = 440
    Canon 100 Macro 650
    Total = $11,040 (add in exposure meter, filters, tripod, spare batteries and any other accessories should bring the total up to about $13,000)
  20. If you don't know enough about your "professional photography" needs yourself to determine what equipment yo need, you should certainly not be dropping $25,000 on equipment.
    And if you are asking posters at PN for advice, upon which you will then base a $25,000 investment...
    ... God help you.
  21. oar


    I second the idea of the stabilized 100mm macro.
  22. If you're trying to cover all focal ranges, you might consider adding a 24-70 or 24-105.​
    why would anyone need to cover the full focal length range. most pros only need three prime lenses.
    G Dan's post is spot on. You should know what gear you need, and if you don't, then you should think twice. When I'm on a shoot, I am the only one who know what lens I need for a particular shot, not my assistant, not the talent, not anyone else. Unless you a sports shooter or a wildlife shoooter, i doubt that you need zoom lenses either. and if i were spending $25k, i'd want more than one fast lens in my kit, particularly if i shot with an slr.
  23. Agree completely with G. Dan about if you don't know or aren't sure what you need you shouldn't be buying it. The Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens should be the first piece of equipment you get with full frame bodies as your workhorse lens for professional work. JMNHO of course!
  24. You mention video. Then you should get something in the range 24-70/105. When shooting stills swapping lenses is not a problem (just time consuming). But when shooting video, you cannot swap lenses in the middle of a scene. Either the lens that you have mounted at that time offers a sufficient zoom range or you cannot record this scene. Splitting it into two or more scene delivers a completely different result and is not comparable to having a suitable zoom range.
  25. Eddie, you'd do well to provide some background to this post. I too would be skeptical of someone willing to splash out with 25k worth of photo/video goodies and not knowing what exactly they want. I am inclined to agree with GDM. That's a LOT of cash to spend on gear. I'm not sure what the total savings may be, but it might serve you better to build up the kit as you go, rather than just trying to cover focal lengths or lenses with rave reviews just because. Your photography style and needs should dictate the equipment you purchase. You may end up with $$$ worth of dust-collectors ;-)
    <p>On the lighting side of things, are you planning to get video lights? Stands/umbrellas for the flashes? Flash diffusers perhaps? Wireless radio triggers for the flashes (frankly I'm not sure I see the need for two wireless camera remote triggers)
  26. I agree with some comments stating the obvious, by definition a Pro Photographer should not be asking advice on what equipment to buy? In any case it would depend on the type of photography in question! And if the Pro photographer IS asking the question, in my opinion he is no professional!
  27. Buy used.
  28. I hope that only honest and trustworthy people read these pages. ;-)
    Im trying to buy everything at once​
    That's rarely a good idea, IMO. You need time to learn each new piece of gear. Then you can make adjustments in your purchasing strategy with the knowledge that you gain from using the pieces that you already have.
    Hey, you asked for advice.
  29. First off I just want to say thank you for everyone who has responded, I appreciate it.
    Now to get into details of why im purchasing all this equipment, what I own now and how long I have been doing photography for.
    Its been almost 4 years now since I've been into it, I own a Nikon D300 w/batterypack, (2) sb-600's, 70-200mm 2.8 vr and a 18-50mm 2.8 sigma (first lens). Only reason i'm asking for some advice is because i'm somewhat new to videography and Canon. I own a 2.4 macbook pro with 4gb ram and use a Samsung 55 inch l.e.d T.v as a second display that sits 10 ft across from me. I have Adobe Cs4 master suite and final cut pro for all my editing. The 2 5D mark ii's are for me and my brother. The reason why i chose 2 of the same bodies is simply because I love the 5D mark ii from reviews i've read and videos i've watched and recording off both is essential for multiple angles when recording. I just spoke to a local store who is shaving 6 grand off the final price I got from Henrys which brings everything down to 20,000. I dunno, but thats pretty damn exciting... just thinking about it, its like i got the camera bodies for nothing. I know i can buy this equipment online or even used but i need it with warranty and don't feel like getting surprised with shipping costs or the hassle of something not getting shipped for some reason.
    I recently got a job thats expanding over the years and who's funding all my gear that I get to keep in the end. I cant get too greedy cause all this needs to be passed over with the companies lawyer. Im offering photography, videography, advertising, iphone apps/accessories and traveling on their expense. I've researched quite a bit now with what I need and figured I'd ask some professionals for some advice.
    Now to answer some of your questions...
    I dont see the use for the Mark iv just yet because of the full frame 21 megapixels the 5D offers. Its definitely a great camera and something Im most likely going to buy in the future but me and my brother both want to record so bad and I don't feel like arguing with him over who wants to record lol if u know what i mean.
    400 2.8 is an amazing lens but not yet. 70-200mm 2.8 is will work fine.
    I do see my self upgrading computers and so im looking at the new 27inch imac with 16 gb ram.. what do you guys think? I also have a couple terabyte hard drives but i do need more.
    Oh and i forgot to mention in the list of items im purchasing, one of the 5d bodies comes with a 24-105mm f4 lens.
    I thought the 100mm 2.8 macro is the new lens?
    I dont really like fisheye lenses too much, 16-35 will be just fine.
    I already own a Tripod, monopod and gorilla pod, but definitely looking for one that does smooth panning.
    Thanks again for all your comments, I hope I helped with responding to all of you.
  30. Yes...only buy used, and I also agree that in asking this question and being so far out in the pricing, suggests something else.
    On the choice of the 5D2, you might want to consider models that have a pro body.
  31. Eddie: So, after teasing us all day, you've finally come back to explain yourself? Didn't you read ANY of the posts in this thread? If you have a blank check for $25,000, don't blow it. Don't be stupid. You could set yourself up with TWICE as much gear, enough for both of you for this kind of money. Forget warranties, if you can buy TWO of everything.
    If you still spend $20k at a BARGAIN price, and think you got the 2 bodies for free, you have no business making a purchase decision like this on behalf of your company.
  32. Eddie Manuel -
    Is the "hassle" of shipping worth $9000 to you? Because that is how much money you are throwing away by buying from your local store. Their stuff is remarkably overpriced. Just compare prices with b&h or adorama! Everything will still have the same Canon warranty! You can still buy an extended warranty if you want it.
    This may sound trollish, but quite honestly you would be a fool to waste that much money. Even at 20k it is such a waste.
  33. Is simplicity sometimes more than enough?
  34. Im not trying to blow this money, I just don't feel like buying used equipment or anything from the states. I mean, I'll look into it but the first thing i did was go on b&h and the price was about the same.
    I feel like i've done some good research on exactly what i need to complete this job for this company and for myself down the road.
    p.s This company is willing to spend more on me. I just don't want to be greedy and ask for so much. I feel like i'm playing it smart with the research i've done and the papers to prove how much i'm saving.
  35. mizore

    mizore A Gringa in Nicaragua

    Canadian dollars -- what's the exchange rate now?
    Im offering photography, videography, advertising, iphone apps/accessories and traveling on their expense. I've researched quite a bit now with what I need and figured I'd ask some professionals for some advice.​
    Sounds like you don't have professional experience and will be doing this for essentially free on top of your day job for some unknown amount of time for $25,000 in cameras that may be less than top of the line in five years, if their lawyers agree.
    Good luck to you and your company.
  36. I'm not doing this for free, i'm getting a percentage on sales with this company.
  37. Something doesn't make sense here. OP registered today and put up a photographer bio that sounds like a long-winded advertisement. OP's first post is about an expensive wishlist he has for gear that's being paid for by someone else, which OP gets to keep. Every subsequent post is a response along the same thread. OP don't give the impression of considering what people here have suggested that will same him thousands of dollars. What's going on?
  38. Relax Detective Neal Currie, I'll tell you whats going on, this right here is "whats going on" a once in a lifetime opportunity, just accept it. I feel like i've earned it.
  39. I don't think anyone's jealous, it's just that something doesn't seem quite right and multiple people here have their BS detectors going off.
  40. I agree with Neal Currie. Nothing makes sense here.
    Why would a company give an outside contractor virtual carte blanche to buy equipment which he ought to own in the first place if he is a professional, and then allow him to keep it after the job is finished? (See post at 9.56 pm: This company is willing to spend more on me.)
    Why would they buy a camera for his brother? (See post at 8.41 pm. The 2 5D mark ii's are for me and my brother.)
    There is a definite smell of bulldust in the air here, or alternatively, hypomania, that is, a state of mind often characterised by wild enthusiasms, grandiose ideas and madly extravagant spending, amongst other things.
    But Eddie, if it is all true, I'd spend the money now, if I were you, because the company will be going broke shortly if this is how it purchases outside services. You might also consider spending $13,000 with B and H as suggested by others in this thread, and spending the balance of $12,000 to buy a vehicle to cart all your stuff around.
  41. Good grief. Stop being so suspicious and help him spend $25k, or don't reply.
    1. 2 x 1D Mark IV ($10,000)
    2. 1 x 300 2.8L IS ($4500)
    3. 2 x 70-200 2.8L IS ($3500)
    4. 2 x 16-35 2.8L ($3000)
    5. 2 x 580EX II ($850)
    Spend the rest on filters, steadicams, mics, and other accessories.
  42. Hey Eddie....I'm in Australia and I buy all my stuff, used, from B&H or Adorama in NYC. I have NEVER had a problem...warranties, returns, questions etc. And its 4 days delivery by UPS. Brilliant. Quicker and cheaper than buying local.
  43. Eddie, send me the 25,000 so I can buy my equipment!
  44. "I feel like i'm playing it smart with the research i've done and the papers to prove how much i'm saving."
    Then....what's the point of coming here?
  45. I have to go with G Dan Mitchell 's comment.
    You really should only buy equipment that suits your own needs at the time you need it. Piece by piece. Don't rely on the advice of anyone or anything outside your skills range. You will seriously regret it. (And later be posting ads on EBay in the Photo Equipment classifieds) Perhaps you can strike a deal with the shop to exclusively buy from them for a lower price (I do it here in Taipei and save on the average of 10-15% on marked purchases - and you get to build a solid relationship with people who understand your skill and needs and not try to chuck you under a bus.)
    You may find that you buy that 100 mm lens and it might be your favorite lens for a multitude of circumstances, and never use the 70-200mm (btw, Primes are always a better choice over zooms)
    And - one more thing - if your investing so heavily in gear - why not a respectable tripod from Gitzo?
  46. Dave: I agree. This guy isn't listening to anyone here and obviously isn't interested in advice. This is a complete troll. There is no $25k, there is no company, there is no brother.
  47. sbp


    Gotta go with G Dan and David T. A "pro", with a portfolio strong enough to get a client to fund a complete set of the equipment he should already own, asking for advice on a public forum about what to buy, has the definite scent of Troll. A client willing to buy a $2,500 body for the pro's brother has an altogether different smell...
  48. can be a great place to ask specific questions about equipment, especially if one is having problems of one sort or another. Knowledgeable people are always quick to respond with helpful and useful advice.
    The problem is that this post is akin to asking, "What should I do with my life?" Once one asks that kind of question on the internet, one is going to get all kinds of responses--and very few are going to be helpful.
  49. because I love the 5D mark ii from reviews i've read​
    Nothing like blowing $25k based on reviews only. When I saw the title of this thread I though: foolishness or showing off. Now I read it, I know: both.
    Enjoy your D300. It's a mighty fine camera.
  50. I would certainly advise against Lowepro CompuTrekker AW bagpack – the zipper sucks a big way and will break down on you when you need it to work most, as it did on me. Look at ThinkTank products instead.
  51. can i ask why?
  52. mizore

    mizore A Gringa in Nicaragua

    If you've never had any experience shooting advertising photography that was used in successful ad campaigns, then this company is trying to get for percentages of potential sales what most advertising companies would charge good money for designing. Check their experience with running successful companies. Does their product make sense? All this comes before putting time and effort into making them promotional material. If they go bankrupt, who owns the equipment you're using. Don't quit your day job. If you've got talent for advertising photography, people have broken into that with no more than two decent bodies, three good primes, and a really good portfolio.
    There's a saying in horse circles that green horse and green rider are a bad color combination. You're apparently a green photographer. If this is a start-up, most start-ups fail after five years.
    You might want to ask in the business forum about what people who have worked professionally would think of the deal, what the gotchas are with percentage of the sales.
  53. As if to prove one of my earlier points about taking purchase advice directly from forum posts, someone included this gem in their post:
    (btw, Primes are always a better choice over zooms)
  54. Eddie.
    Can I interest you in some Nigerial Government Bonds. You sound the sort of guy that would take them especially with my two for one offer that is only valid today. I'll save you $10000.
  55. Yep. Major troll/BS alert going on. Don't feed the trolls and they'll go away.
  56. I am a newbie here and seldom post comments and even I thought "here we go again" when I first saw this thread. It is amazing to me how often folks ask a question or ask for advice and then precede to discount or out and out reject the advice they sought. So, if you know everything, why ask? I think folks really just seek validation or support for what they want to do.
    One good thing for me from this thread was a partial answer to a question I was reluctant to ask - - if I were fortunate enough to be able to buy two camera bodies, and I have interests in a variety of types of photography, should I go for two identical bodies that specialize in my primary interest (or money maker) for consistency or should I chose a different second body that better suits my second interest?
    It seems that several of you folks advised choosing two different bodies. Even if the OP did not appreciate the advice and opinions posted to his question, I did.
  57. mizore

    mizore A Gringa in Nicaragua

    He's actually got a web site with photography on it that's not bad, just not extraordinary (but that holds for most of us). He just joined the day he asked the question, so that much feels like a troll, but if he is trolling, he's at least worked at it.
    Website is all about what he is going to do, not what he's done, with multi-media.
    Eddie, you're asking the wrong questions.
    Let's say this is real and a company is doing this to get a cheap but reasonably talented kid to work his butt off in the way that young and reasonably talented kids do. They're highly unlikely to give him the gear for anything less than $26K worth of work. Consultants get paid. Companies that can't afford consultants at $500 a day for buying their gear (and you have put a fair amount of your own time into this, without a contract I suspect) can't really afford to give away $25K worth of gear.
    It might be worth doing if it gets you experience in doing video promotions, but I suspect that you'd be better off making a name for yourself with YouTube videos (say the equivalent of "Badger, badger, badgers"), have something go viral and then get someone to pay you to work for them.
    If you don't have it in writing now that you will own the gear after such and such time or when the company folds, then I bet you don't get gear out of this.
    What the sales are only something 4,000 units a year, and your percentage is 6% of five to ten dollars? A rather large number of writers have been in this position, and shouldn't have quit their day jobs. 4,000 units a year at $1,000 each makes three percent of gross is a good income, if that's what you'll get. You also have to pay taxes out of that and benefits if you're not actually an employee of the company. One percent of that, not so good, especially with self-employment taxes coming out and no benefits.
    David Johnson, if money is tight, consider picking up a film body that takes the same lenses as your digital body and you're covered if the digital body goes down. Used film bodies are stupid cheap now. Look for things that have similar or identical ergonomics which will take the same lenses. Shoot film if something happens to the digital camera. While the job will cost you film, photofinishing, and the price of a good scan from someone who does that work well, you won't have pissed off a client unless you're shooting PJ things that need to be in the paper now. In that case, a backup digital body is probably necessary, but newspapers and websites don't need 12 MP, much less full frame, so used that takes the same lenses would be fine.
  58. I think he's gone. Too much? Probably.
  59. Can someone enlighten me on the meaning of "troll" in the sense it is used in this thread?
    I know what a troll is in Norwegian fairy stories, but while I have a rough idea from the context in this thread what it means here, I'm not sure I fully understand.
  60. This was great fun reading this post and all the responses, came here all depressed that there is no Game 6 today. I haven't had so much fun here since that guy used to threaten people for patent infringements on old polaroid cam modifications in the Large Format forum.
    My BS meter started moving on the first line, right when he said I need help . If it was 250 or 2500 I might not have reacted so strongly.
  61. This is so typical pnet. If its not someone bragging about how much money/equipment they have than it is the snooty, stuck up responses given to folks with sincere questions.

    Go Angels!
  62. mizore

    mizore A Gringa in Nicaragua

    It's not impossible that a company would buy the gear and then hold on to it while trying out different photographers and paying them only commission.
  63. Im not trying to blow this money, I just don't feel like buying used equipment or anything from the states . I mean, I'll look into it but the first thing i did was go on b&h and the price was about the same.
    If he's in Canada ... then the $25K starts to make sense right?
    Lots of conspiracy theories here..
    EDIT: Yup, a cursory look at his site seems to confirm that he's in Canada.
  64. mizore

    mizore A Gringa in Nicaragua

    $25,000 Canadian converts to $23,700 US roughly. I've seen other Canadian posters talk about the price differences in buying Canadian over buying US and paying import duties. What people have been telling him is that if he imports the gear, he can save over what he'd pay in Canada.
    Henry's price for the Canon EOS-5D, without a battery pack, is $3299.99 Canadian. B&H is $2,699.95 US, not counting a conditional rebate, which converts this morning to $2,840.077 Canadian. That's a Buy Canadian premium of over $400 on that one item alone, in Canadian dollars. I don't know what the import costs would be, but other Canadian posters have imported cameras from the US just as US buyers used to import things from Robert White because of screwy local pricing by distributors. If his local camera store is giving him a discount of $400 CA over Henry's price, he is in the ballpark for B&H's price, without the limited rebate.
  65. If you still think that those of us who are sceptical about Eddie's claims are wrong, have a look at these two sites, and ask yourself: is this guy really in the running to be "given" $25,000 worth of equipment?

    Note, amongst other problems, Eddie's unfortunate tendency to cut off the top ten percent of people's heads.
    On the positive side, it's comforting to know that Eddie is "...ready for all of life's challenges..." (see the first web site), because I think he's going to get a quite a few challenges if his present form is any indication.
  66. As if to prove one of my earlier points about taking purchase advice directly from forum posts, someone included this gem in their post:
    (btw, Primes are always a better choice over zooms)
    Dan, it seems like the "prime only" crowd comes out of the woodwork gnashing their teeth at the mere mention of a zoom. As if to imply pro photography can't be done with a zoom. Too funny.
  67. Were it me, I'd pull the list together in total and submit it to several of the large photo houses (Adorama, B&H, Calumet, etc.) for bid. One package deal for bid. But maybe that's because my experience includes government contracting, and doing it that way comes naturally... but entertaining a bid allows for a couple of plusses, not the least of which includes having the sellers compete for price/product.
  68. If I was the OP’s employer/funding source, I don’t think I’d be too chuffed that he’s seeking advice on spending $25K from anonymous internet forums.
    I use PN for things like ‘filter or no filter’ and ‘does the 50L really suck that much’, not ‘how should I spend my large budget’.
    No disrespect, just seems like the wrong venue to seek advice on such a large investment. It’s either a case of bad judgement or a load of old bollocks.
  69. What camera bag will carry all that stuff at once?
  70. That's why I suggested he get his stuff at B and H for $13,000, and spend the balance on a truck!
  71. The cost of importing to Canada depends on the shipment method. Canada Customs will only charge the same tax percentage that he'd have to pay locally. The issue becomes with the shipping, and what fees the shipping company will charge to do the paperwork for him.
  72. get one 5D mark II and one 7D they 5D mainly for landscape and portrait and the 7D for sport by having both you would cover all kind of photograhy situations
    you need tripod.. microphone
    why hoya filters.. consider B+W they are very good or at least get them for your L lenses
  73. How come I did not know that administration is giving away a stimulus package in photo industry? Shame on me.
    I think this is some sort of joke, else I would not touch Hoya filters with 75k in my pocket to spend.

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