I'm not really a Contax man - some Leica pics...

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vidom, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Most of the pics I've posted rcently were Contax pics. I admit that my Contax is my favourit toy at the moment, but it can't do everything. Close-up work is not one of it's stong points. I bought into Contax RF gear because I wanted to see if the lenses were really better then Leica lenses. I still can't tell. I still like my Leica gear. RF and SLR. I got some Macrotar close-up lenses for my old Leicaflex Summicron (later to be known as Elpros) that I never got aroud to try with a real camera (actually, I use these with the 'cron on my digital Rebel for digital close-ups, much better than the "macro" setting on a plastic zoom lens). So what is there to shoot when there really isn't anything to shoot? You can do the Ansel Adams thing and shoot barn doors (which I did, as you can see in one of my examples) or you can shoot whatever nature appears in front of your lens. I did that too. All pics taken with Leicaflex SL 2 (ok, this is 4 years too young for this forum, but I really feel much more at home here than in the Leica forum...). scanned from prints.
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  4. Very nice, Peter!

    I use my Macrotars (Elpros, both pre 1970s) on my Summicron 50/2-SL2 and now mostly with an adaptor on several other Nikkors (on various cameras). With the Summicron, they do alright. On the Nikkors, the OOF is not so pleasing.
  5. Very good shots. I like most the pattern formed on no.4. Simple stuff but efficient.
  6. Very nice Peter. #4 is very, very nice.
  7. Pretty nice...for a Leica :p
  8. Oh, the Bokeh!

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