I'm looking to buy a list of Graduating Highschool Seniors

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by john_bocook, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. I don't know where to find this but i know it's out there. I would like to buy a list (name/address/phone) of graduating high school seniors in my area. Any idea?
  2. John,
    Good luck. There are list companies out there promising everything but the moon. My experiences with them have not been all that terrific. A lot of their information comes from DMV and it it not accurate, meaning the names you get can be sophomores to those already graduated. On a personal note, the list companies are not able to cull out the relatively few teenagers who are not living due to auto accidents, etc. Not that big of a deal until you get the call from a bereaved parent wanting you to stop sending materials to their deceased child ! It happened to me once, did not make my day. Getting names and addresses is tough, but in my opinion, list companies are not the way to go.
    Warmest regards,
    David R. Lewis
  3. I didn't think about marketing to a deceased child. That could really put some bad mojo my way. I am going to start calling a couple of the schools and see if we can work something out. I'm not sure if there's privacy concerns or what not. A photographer i used to work for around 10 years ago (he's no longer around) used to buy a list and market it and that kept him busy almost all year but i have no idea where he would get it from.
  4. I doubt the school will provide you with the list, but I have heard of photographers taking their material to the school and having them mail them out.
  5. There are lists out there bu I'd agree there are accuracy issues. My daughter is a senior and we get plenty of things addressed to her as Gillette (First Name), sometimes with a correct name as well from the same source.
    You might want to call the local schools and see what they can/will do or provide. I know for a variety of programs they will pass out materials to be sent home, if grouped in class size bundles, etc. Ours doesn't mail things out - that's a big expense. But we do get mailings from photographers and not just the one on the yearbook contract.
  6. If it helps any - we do school pictures for about 100 schools.. quite a few high schools. They will give out the list of seniors each year if you put in a Public Information Request. The list will usually contain name, grade and address. Some districts give out phone numbers with that request and others don't.
    Some districts charge a small fee to process the request and you'll find that some districts will charge you for labels with addresses instead of sending you a digital file.
    Public Information lists won't have every single name on it if a parent has opted out of having their information published.
    Senior photographers who compete with us send information home to students with no problems at all.

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