Im looking for some examples of boxing photos taken with the Canon 40D?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by emil_kegebein, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking o buying one and I would like to know if lighting will be a
  2. What are you seeing in the photos?
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    Depends on where you are shooting. I have shot boxing with a 1DMk3, 1DMk2, and a 10D. The high ISO performance of the Mk3 is definitely a major factor. However, I shoot alongside people using 40Ds, and they keep getting credentials, so I assume that they are cranking out good stuff.
  4. I just would like to know how the noise is at ISO 800 and higher
    I can't afford the 1DMK cameras and i don't want to waste my money if the noise and blur will be close to the same.
    I have been using Sony H2 with an ISO of 400 and shutter speed at 160
  5. I'm a Nikon shooter, but this pretty much applies to whatever brand you buy. Get 'fast glass' with your 40D body. The typical 'kit' lens will be no god in lighting like in your attached image, and HS gyms, hockey rinks etc. you need something like a 50 1.8 or 85 1.8, both of which are reasonable priced compared to the f1.4 versions.I've not shot from ring side before so others here may prefer other focal lengths - wider or longer. If you can't, or do not want to, use a canon flash(not the built in flash), you need to get lens(es) faster than f2.8.
  6. properly exposed ISO 800 on my 30D is great, ISO 1600 is pretty good too, it is pretty much a minimum for indoor volleyball photography. You will probably need a fast lens too, depending on how light the venue is you will probably need f2.8 or faster, the focal length required will depend how close you can get to the ring.
    Just had a look at what the H2 actually is and I'm sure you will be much better off with a 40D, depending on what features are your priorities a 30D, 450D or a 400D might also work well for you (more money for a good lens that way too!).
  7. You've been shooting at relatively high ISO settings with a compact digicam that's got a tiny sensor and you're concerned about the high ISO performance of a 40D?

    Turn on High ISO noise reduction, you get 3 fps which is more than twice what you're used to and noise will be almost non-existent. Even without noise reduction turned on noise is well controlled up to 800 and is only mildly intrusive at 1600. And you get over 6 fps to boot.

    It's a major upgrade. You've got nothing to worry about.
  8. Thanks everyone I picked up the Canon D40 today

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