Im just not sure about this place

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  1. I joined Photo net around 9 months ago and wasn't really sure how this place worked so I didn't post anything until a
    week ago.Ive really tried since last week to understand but I still don't get it.There is no private messaging I have my
    workspace and my portfolio (why cant these both be intergrageted ?) I email people questions and get no reply's (I'm
    probably doing something wrong) I try to Rate an image and I cant because they rated one of mine.(Im not paying
    anyone back I do it to because I truly like the image).I am really not one who likes to complain but this place is not
    very user friendly .I have been a member of many other forums and never had a problem understanding how they
    work (I take that back Flickr is painful).For what ever its worth the reason I joined here is there just seems to be so
    many outstanding photographers here

  2. Get into photography, and ignore everything else about this site. Then these triffles will seem insignificant.
  3. Have you read the FAQ and Terms of Use? Links are located at the bottom of every page. Many of your
    answers may be found there. You can also search the forums for specific topics using keywords.
  4. Most people are pretty friendly here... some arn't... but that's the same everywhere.

    As far as usability... It's designed to cater to a certain type of user is my opinion. I don't subscribe because I don't feel it caters to me as a particular type of user.. the forums are great... but the portfolio/workspace system is well accomplished, but poorly thought out in my opinion (nothing against the admins here who do a GREAT job however)

    I hate to say it (and there are a lot of GREAT photographers there) but flickr is more suited to the casual/hobbyist photographer while still offering features that work well for someone on a more professional level. is more suited to those on the professional end of photography.... might be a bit of a 'stuck up' way of describing it... however, it's great if you have higher level questions that need answering.
  5. Dan

    Thanks for your comment.Thats why Im here is because of the great photography and if I would like to ask a person how they did something (Which I have on a few occasions and never heard back) maybe they dont want to tell me and thats fine. I just want to get better and is that how you learn.Ask questions.I think that private messaging is the way to go for that.

  6. Personally I'm not real crazy about hot the forums are organized. The workflow to actively participate is somewhat strained.

    On the plus side there is some good information to be gleaned from these pages you just have to dig for it. I personally try to visit the site and read through it about once a month. I don't find myself doing a lot of postings. Either someone has already answered a question better than I could have or the conversation has turned to drivel.

    The one thing this site does have is depth. It is about the oldest photo site I can remember and contains a lot of good information. It is worth staying around.
  7. You got some really nice work in your portfolio especially the close up of Insects. This is more of a Technical site than the more "socially" oriented sites you probably are accustomed to. I joined back in 2002, but didn't start posting pictures until I got my scanner in 2006(late loomer). There is not allot of "Drama" here, but things can get interesting sometimes. If you are more of a laid-back person, l would recomend the Casual Convesation, or maybe even the "Philosophy of Photography" section.

    Actually, there has been a number of improvements on this site to help Users navigate, some good, some not so good. I tried other sites but this was one of the first ones and one where at least everyone had something in common. When Flickr came out a couple of years ago, it had almost a cult-like following. I scrathed my head and wondered why ? The navigation sucked, plus I was afraid my pictures would get hijacked.
  8. Guys I promise you that I am one laid back guy but with a thirst to learn learn & learn.And have never been a trouble maker.I just think there is alot of room for improvement .Like I said one thing this place has is some outstanding photographers .These few item would really benefit everyone.
  9. I have found that some will answer questions and others will not. Just keep trying. Have you used the follow-up feature in your work space. That can be a good way to get answers if you posed a question as part of a critique.You have a great portfolio keep adding to it.
  10. Christopher, try not to take things so personal. If someone does not get back to you, big deal, right? Best to have a very low expectation in life. Think of getting help here like fishing. There will be good and not as good days. Nobody has any ill well toward you.

    You got some nice pics, by the way....
  11. C, you have good points, and your poin about the level of photography is spot on. I want to critique photos and I think minre really suck, what could I add? So that's why we're here. And at times it is a lot of fun. Some of the mods are a hoot, some notso much fun, all are talentd and use spell checkrs
  12. Dittos to Dan L.
  13. Little confused Im not taking anything personal.I just like to see a few minor improvements.Thats it in a nut shell.
  14. I think your question is a good one and there are a few things that could be changed; this is a really good site. PN can do a better job on several fronts but is slow to get them running. Keep on asking the questions - the moderators should provide some sense of knowledge at some point.

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