im freaking out right now

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  1. I was almost going to buy a used Nikon D40 kit locally for $375, but kept
    running into good reads about the k100d, and couldn't shake my curiosity. I am
    an amateur wannabe hobbyist and this is my first dslr. I was actually on my way
    to the D40 appointment, but had read enough that I knew I needed to be a good
    boy and before just going straight out and buying the D40, I decided to stop by
    a local camera store to at least hold the 3 contenders (D40, 400D, K100D)... As
    many that I read have said, I turned out liking the heavier body of the K100D,
    and the main lure for me, based on my often shaky P&S shots, is that I really
    think the IS could help me. I knew before I walked into the store that there is
    the Super version, but this store didn't have any. I knew all the pros and cons
    of the three models and kits. I did my searching online for the K100D and found
    that there don't seem to be any reliable outlets selling it for low prices at
    this time (unless I was willing to risk getting scammed by the baiters and
    switchers). So the store sold me the K100D kit with a camera bag for $500 out
    the door. I couldn't believe I compulsed out like that! I was prepared to spend
    the $375 but hadn't expected to be spending $500 on an 'as-is' purchase today,
    on a camera that is sort of behind the curve now. (It was new in opened box, and
    I can only return it for in store exchange, if I were to desire to do so). So I
    am sitting back at work with some initial buyers remorse. I mean, I know I am
    going to get my use out to the camera, and learn a lot, and be able to more
    affordably experiment with lenses down the road, but it's just hitting me hard
    right now that I took the plunge so impulsively, and spent all that cash! Part
    of me impulsed too because I was tired of all the research and debating and just
    wanted to move on to the actual learning photography part, etc... I had a lot of
    Ken Rockwell running inside my head to go with the D40. I really connect with
    what he has to say (I am an impressionable newb after all)... I also have good
    friends who are all rebel canonites, and had that working against me.. But they
    also have much deeper pockets than I do... So come on pentax-forumers... Welcome
    me in and make me feel better! :)

    Also, could you also recommend the best AA's for the camera? I'll do my
    research, but just in case you feel like commenting on that...
  2. K10D is a quality camera. I am primarily a Canon user, but I have had a K10D kit in my possession for a few months to test some Pentax lenses.

    I would have no problem recommending the k10D to someone wanting to buy a first DSLR. It has some cool features not seen on cameras from Canon/Nikon and can mount a whole host of older manual focus lenses.
  3. Josh, he bought the non-super K100D!
  4. Todd, any chance you can return the camera in exchange for a K10D...?

    You have joined an elite club. You are in the top echelon ;-D.


    Besides, when your canon-shooting buddies have to drop over a grand on a lens w/ IS
    included, you can laugh and show them you $100 e-bay special that includes IS, because
    YOU bought the pentax!
  6. Ahhhh,

    I hope I didn't make things worse.

    My experience with the K100D is less. But I also don't know anyone who has one who is disappointed with it. One thing that is a lot cooler about the k100d is that it will do 3200iso. Which the k10D doesn't have.
  7. The k10d was hundreds more and out of my range price wise...

    thank you Maria! That was the kind of response I needed.. ;-)
  8. You did the right thing by going and handling the cameras.

    Internet research can only do so much. Listening to friends and "experts" will do MUCH LESS for you.

    You know you've gotten a great camera. Chill out, enjoy it.

    At work we have Canon D-Rebels, and I was a Nikon guy for film (F80.) I really liked my Dad's D50, but the D40 was a major disappointment. Cheap and lightweight like the D-Rebel, and crippled at that. No way to enjoy even my current F80-compatible lenses.... I was aware of the K100D, but what pushed me to Pentax was actually handling one.

    As soon as I picked up a K100D, I knew that Pentax was right for me. I found a bargain on an *istDL (they handle exactly the same) and jumped. Never regretted it because it felt right in my hands, and had no compromises... mirror lockup, metering with every lens, top lens IQ, same CCD as Nikon, etc.

    Happy shooting!
  9. $100 for the kit lens (definitely a great price on a very good BRAND NEW lens), $25 for the bag, $375 for the K100D body - just like you planned! (only a few extras thrown in). Free IS lenses for life is tough to put a dollar value on, but could literally pay for the camera body easily, effectively making it free! (Is that a stretch? Maybe, maybe not).

    If you let the comparison game get to you, it will destroy you. Even if you were able to pick the "best" camera in your price range right now, sooner or later something better/cheaper would come along and you'd have buyer's remorse then anyway. Be happy with what you have, it is a FANTASTIC camera, the kind that professionals could only dream wildly about a mere decade ago. It will take phenomenal pictures that will do you proud. It will take you a long time to catch up to the camera's capabilities, and then it will serve you well as a back up body. But that could be years away and you've got a great learning tool right now in the mean time. Have fun and post some pictures - that's what this is all about anyway.
  10. Todd, you have a very good camera there and this unit can take some awesome picture. In one way it is superior to the K10D referred to above. It is better in low light.
    Now the big plus is you can get a ton of older lenses that will work on this camera. Keep an eye out in you local pawn shops, newspaper and so on for people selling used Pentax gear. We'll be here to advise you about the good ones and bad.
    As for batteries. Look on Ebay or your local stores for Sanyo Eneloops.
    I'm not going to trash Nikon as they make good gear but you have an excellent camera there you can learn and grow with.
  11. Welcome to our little community. Congratulations on your new toy--there's no need to freak, it's a nice, capable camera. Since it includes all the basic features in some form it is a great camera to learn with. Repeat after me: "It's not the camera, it's the photographer."
  12. Basically, what Del Gray said. I don't own a K100D, but I've never heard any owner complain about major flaws (we all complain about camera specs to some degree). However, I *have* heard many Canon XT, XTi and Nikon D40 owners bitch about stuff that a Pentax user takes for granted, like mirror lock-up, backwards lens compatibility, spot metering, ergonomics, etc.

    You have a great camera, and you have it *now*, which is exactly the best time for you to go out and start taking photos.

    PS: Ken Rockwell has a great site, but his recommendation of the Nikon D40 betrays his love for Nikon. He can love it's small size and all that because a) He can pick up a $4000 camera when he wants to take a picture that matters (which will likely bring income), and b) He has disposable income (actually, "business expense account") to buy lenses that are compatible with the D40. Requirements for a 2nd (or 9th!) camera body are not the same as those for someone who only has *1* camera. So remember all this when you read KR's site.
  13. I knew you peeps were going to make me feel better! I can't wait to get out of the office and go set this thing up. "It's not the camera, it's the photographer." ;-)
  14. Todd
    Welcome to the Pentax family...I trully love the way Maria put it...Well done...I have the K110D, 100D SUPER and a K10D...Most used by far is my plain K110D..i LOVE that camera...I had a Nikon D200 and gave it to my daughter..My Wife has a D40...and while those are fine cameras, they feel like toys.... YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!!
    now enjoy it.. :)
  15. Like David, I've got an *istDL, which is pretty much the same camera except YOURS has shake reduction!

    My sister has the k100D and one of my good friends has a D40. I'd choose the K100D any day of the week. It's a MUCH better camera, even if it looks comparable on paper.
  16. that's kinda interesting, javier. why use the 110 over the 100 super?
  17. I was wondering the same thing..

    by the way, I've been browsing photos from you posters and you all take some amazing shots!
  18. Todd, You just bought a terrific camera at a terrific price. I bought one less that a year ago and absolutely love it. When you see what you can do with it, you will too.
  19. Todd, Nikon makes some very good equipment and models. Unfortunately, regardless of what Ken Rockwell thinks of it, (and Miserere is right on), the D40 is not one of them. It has severe lens limitations, and no DOF (depth of field) preview, mirror lockup, or top LCD panel (a convenience I like). If you want shake reduction, you must buy an expensive lens that has it.

    Nikon does not offer a compact model at any price that has all of these features. To get all those advanced features in a Nikon, you have to go to a more expensive larger-size model like the D200 or D300, and buy expensive VR lenses.

    The store price was really quite decent with the extras in the package. By "kit" I assume you mean with the kit lens also, the Pentax 18-55mm. That is a very decent lens, takes very good quality photos and built better than comparable models by Nikon or Canon. The main difference in the Super version is it costs more because it has contacts for Pentax' newer high-end lenses with their new SDM quiet focus technology, but these can also be used, without the quiet focus, on other Pentax bodies, including yours.

    You made a wise choice. The K100D is an amazingly good camara. Yes, it can go to ISO 3200 if necessary. It can do a remarkably good job at ISO 1600, one of the best. Extremely fine quality at ISO 200-800. Its out of camera JPEG quality is outstanding. Too bad the crazy megapixel race is causing Pentax to discontinue this fine model. I have a number of other bodies, but I am glad I got mine.
  20. Hi Todd, Welcome aboard.

    I've got the K100d and the K10d and my K100d gets more use, especially for the casual, just for me stuff. It's better in low light than the K10d and there are times I wish my K10d had it's sensor. You'll like the K100d it's a very good camera.

    And I soo know what you mean. I got worn out debating systems pros and cons and going back and forth. Some time you just got to pull the trigger and you did. So enjoy!
  21. Todd, I know nothing of these Nikons and Cannon's you mention. have they been around long? lol

    I had been shooting with a K1000 since around 1980. last year I did all the research I could on the K100D before buying it. I never even considered another brand but thats just my loyalty to a camera I grew up with.

    I paid $800 bucks after rebate for the K100D 18-55MM lens 70-300MM tamron , camera bag rechargable batteries and a Gig card.

    you didnt do bad for $500

    as for Batteries I use Duracell 2650 mAh and Power2000 2700mAh NIMH (with the Package)rechargables. 350-500 pictures before recharging.

    My opinion to the K100D super is a BS gimmic. so you arent missing anything there.IMO

    My brother has the Nikon D40S and I didnt like the feel or functionality of it. it seemed to busy and complicated for a camera.....

    the one thing I am disappointed about is if my K100 one ever fails on me I wouldnt be able to get a Brand new one....
    it should be their Flagship camera

    here is a sample of a great camera in an Amatures hands
  22. ''Adam Wilson, Feb 25, 2008; 05:29 p.m.

    that's kinda interesting, javier. why use the 110 over the 100 super?''

    It is a funny thing...I can write an entire chapter on why I have a preference for the 110D, but in a nut shell this is why I use it most often...For one, It is ''always'' with me..I feel the burst rate is quicker than my K100D Super, For what ever reason it auto focuses faster...I suspect it is the shake reduction on K100DsUPER that slows it down...I have tested this by turning it off and it is quicker...
    But I think above everything else, it has allot of sentimental value to it...I know it so well and taught me how to have steady hands because of the lack of shake reduction that when I use my long stuff like my 135-400 or my bigma, I can get good sharp pics without shake reduction...Of course it helps that I am big fellow..Battery life is another...It gets better gas mileage than does my K100D super...
    Most people that I know who own a 1stDs will not let them go for many of the same reasons I described...Those early Pentax models rocked on...I believe Pentax really placed allot of TLC into those because they were make or break for them...As far as the Low light goes, it also Rocks on...So while my reasons are not good reasons, they are my reasons none the less...
  23. I recently bought a K100D for many of the reasons listed above, including the built-in shake reduction and the fact that I owned many fine Pentax lenses. I used it for a week and had to return it. I tried to like it, I really did. There was some kind of intermittent electrical glitch where the battery indicator would go blank and the camera would freeze up-result, no picture. I tried every combination of battery, turning it off and on, dial settings, and recharged four sets of Ni-Mh batteries and inserted them repeatedly. To no avail. This was really, really frustrating. I subsequently googled this problem and found out there does seem to be an issue with the K100D and batteries. I went back to the security of my Canon 20D which never fails me. And it looks like lenses with built-in IS are dropping in price.
    Sorry Pentax, I really did want it to work.
  24. Well, for all practical purposes I believe that the only difference between the K100D and the Super is that the Super can use SDM system supersonic motor lenses. While that's a good feature, there's lots of good Pentax lenses without a built-in focusing motor. Since I paid $550 for a K100D Super with the kit lens, a bag, and a UV filter from B&H, I think you got a pretty good deal.

    BTW, I checked out the Canon Rebel (plasticy), the Nikon D40 (clunky), and the Olympus 410 (focus by wire and tunnel-like viewfinder) before I settled on the K100D Super. I'm very happy with my choice.
  25. Well, Here are three quick sample images using my trusty ole K110D that with my new Rechargeable CRV-3 lithiums, I am getting over 900 Pics from... The first is of my son ..EXIF data included on all three. The next two are the inside of a very Dark mission chapel...They are hand held, shot at ISO3200 +2ev...Try that with a Nikon or Canon... While they may appear grainy, keep in mind the context...Oh and these where with the Pentax ''KIT LENS'' [​IMG]
    By jgredline [​IMG]
    By jgredline [​IMG]
    By jgredline
  26. neat! ;-)

    where'd you get the magic batteries?
  27. Todd.
    This is what I am using now. Use them at your own risk..That is what I was told, so I am passing the warning along. :)
  28. thanks! how many snaps would expect to get (Javier) from 2700mah rechargeables in comparison?
  29. Some roller hockey shots with my K100D at ISO 1600, metered manual "M" mode, 1/500 sec. shutter speed. I did need to use my fast pro style zoom, f/2.6-2.8 to get to that shutter speed.
  30. that's the slowest game of roller hockey i've ever seen Michael. Good Job!
  31. Whoops!! Wrong photo! That one was taken last summer with my K100D and my Pentax 77mm f/1.8 Limited lens at f/2.8 and 1/1500 sec. "AV" aperture priority mode.
  32. And some more...
  33. Another...
  34. yet more hockey
  35. ''Todd Phillips, Feb 25, 2008; 08:05 p.m.

    thanks! how many snaps would expect to get (Javier) from 2700mah rechargeables in comparison?''

    The most I have ever been able to get with out flash is 450-475 average from Duracell's 2650 mah..
    There is a thread on this. I will see if I can find it for u.

    Those are some nice shots!!!
    I will see if I can find some high ISO K10D images as well..That flower image in particular is very nice.
  36. Todd
    Check out this thread.

    and sorry for derailing your thread... but I had to brag on Pentax...
    I own Pentax because I believe it to be the best..If I felt Nikon or Canon would be better, then I would buy one, but why downgrade?
  37. Hi, Todd,

    I am a newbie and was in the same boat about a year ago when I purchased my K100D and kit-lens. Like you did, I freaked out since all of my friends have either canon or nikon models. These are comments I get from them "why pentax? nobody buys pentax - their lens sucks, in body-SR does not work only in IS lens works.. you are wasting your money". "Does your pentax have servo focus and 3fps otherwise you will miss a lot of shots?". I can only grin (hey I am a minority) and offer my explanation as I could not afford canon/nikon models as they were expensive - may be some day I can afford it.

    When it comes to birthday parties, those RebelXT, XTi, D70, D200 camera holders draw a crowd (especially female); no one asks me to take his/her picture because I only have a pentax camera (is it a P&S?). I often resorted to taken my wife away from the crowd and practice my own shots and learn how to frame, get the proper lighting and also learn how to use the features in the camera. While most of their shots are group pictures mine are usually single nice portrait shots and nice angle shots of the groups.

    The noise about how great canon (especially) is fading quickly as I was more interested in getting better IQ and knowing how to use the camera to take good pictures (camera don't take pictures, photographer does). I can tell good from bad now (and the awesome from the awful ones). I also learned a bit of flash photography which I was terrible before; I am very comfortable using it anytime.

    I have used the K100D during my last cruise trip and found that the camera is very capable of producing nice contrasty sharp pictures even with 6MP. The AA battery option is great as I used SANYO eneloop rechargeable and it is one of the best. I also added the sigma 18-50 f2.8 lens later plus the AF360 flash with off camera flash accessories (works great); I also have the 28-105 f3.2-4.5 and 50-200 f4-5.6 which are great combination for outdoors.

    I have moved beyond the K100D and recently added the K10D, which is an even better camera. Now I use my K100D as backup and good for traveling. With both K100D/K10D camera bodies I own now, I could have spent the same amount on a canon 30D deal last year which my friend did pull the trigger. In the end, I am happy with my choice and when the K20D comes down in price, I will be looking again. Since my daughter is moving up from a canon P&S camera and she likes that K100D camera (small but solid).
  38. I've also had people smirk at the Pentax label on my camera. one guy even said "yeah, i'm sure the body's pretty good, but you just can't get good lenses for it."

    I just laugh at that now. Pentax makes (and has always made) some of the best glass in the industry. I'm perfectly happy with the system, even if most people my age have never heard of the brand.

    as to batteries: i use energizer e2 lithium AAs. They're a bit more pricey, but you don't have to wonder if they're charged, and I frequently get 1000+ shots out of a single set (i never use the flash, for the record).
  39. And don't worry about 6mp--I've left a lot of pixels on the cropping room floor and still gotten great 9x12s.
  40. Dave
    I am glad you mentioned the print size and that ''dreaded'' 6MP...
    I have printed dozens of 8x10's that are flawless as well as quite a few
    11x14's as well....
    There are many who will tell you that you need atleast a 7 or 8Mp and hence the crazy P&S get prints that size, but what you end up with is lots of noise...Not so with the ''lowly 6MP Pentax DSLR
  41. My shots here were all shot as JPEG. The flower shot is with no post process at all. Very little with the hockey.

    The K100D does indeed have servo focus (continuous focus). You could hardly find faster action to shoot than that hockey, I'll tell ya, and the K100D performed very well! The continous focus mode worked fine. I switched to center only focus point because the goal net was in the frame and I wanted to keep my focus under control. There is no real difference between its 2.8 FPS capability and 3 FPS. But I chose not to use the 2.8 FPS continuous drive mode, I stuck to single shot.
  42. Thank you Javier, I'm glad to hear you like my shots. You have been posting many very nice one's I have admired as well!
  43. BTW, the flower shot was at ISO 200.
  44. the 6MP K100D can give a really nice photo for 8x10 or may be even larger (have not tried yet but I have a 22" monitor); the link below is just one of many sample photos I took during the recent trip to New Zealand.
  45. Michael, thanks for explaining to me that servo focus is the same as continuous focus (not sure if canon fan agrees with it); I have not tried it yet, does continous focusing means the focus object is coming towards you or going across from left to right? I have also not tried the 2.8fps shots as I take all my shots in RAW.
  46. O O O O.... matt was finally allowed to get the 16-50mm DA* he's been drooling over -
    since we'll be shooting (hopefully) 50 portraits a day for 3 days, followed by another 50 a
    week later -

    MAN is that servo-focus SSSSSSSSWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT get
    over it! We're going to have to turn the focus beep back on, it's so fast and QUIET.
    BEAUTIFUL. woohooo. BUT - if you leave your finger on the shutter button - it is NOT
    continuous focus. It IS so dang fast at finding a new focus, you'll sure THINK it's
    continuous focus. HEY! There's a new idea for wedding processionals! I know what lens
    I'm using at the next one!!

    And as for the mega-pixel THHHHPPPT on people demanding huge mp w/o knowing why.
    Our 5.6mp Lumix got an 11x14 printed for display - and nobody that saw it wanted to
    believe it was from a digital camera.

    And our 10mp K10D has printed a 16x20 for us that was absolutely beautiful!! Why is this
    spectacular? Because we accidentally shot the pic at ISO 1600. (In full sunlight. D'OH!!!)
  47. oh yeah. I forgot to mention - the Lumix can ONLY shoot in Jpeg. No RAW. So, that flawless
    11x14 was from a jpeg file.
  48. one thing on the AFC. It works better and faster with Shake reduction off.
  49. If i was starting from scratch again, i would chose Pentax over Canon or Nikon ANYDAY. Quality gear here; dont underestimate the combination of good technique and in-body stabalisation eitehr :). Just look forward, its an exciting journey.
  50. you have a choice between the nimh type and the low selfdischarge type. the nimh are available to about 2700-2800mah while the lowselfdischarge type are topping out at 2100mah. the nimh are stronger but only if you use them right after a charge, if they sit a week and you pickup the camera to shoot you may not have enough power left to take a picture. the lowSD type retain 85% of their power for 1yr after charge.
    i have been using nimh 2700mah powerex from maha, just switched to imedion from maha which are lowSD of 2100mah also from maha. I bought my imedions from thomas distributing. maha also says that their imedions can be charged by any charger maha makes. i bought 4 sets of imedions.
  51. thanks for all the good commentary! my cam didn't come with batteries so I had to go to the store late last night and invest in some high tech rayovacs from walmart. ;-)
    didn't get to fire my first missiles until pretty late.. here is one taken while saying goodnight to my son (Jonathan):
    From the (only indoor) shots I've taken so far, I was surprised to see a lot of hot pixels. I assumed that issue was going to go away with a new camera.. oh well..
  52. Todd
    What do you mean '' a lot of pixels''?
    That photo looks great to me.
  53. look at it large and you'll see them:
    This shot didnt have many compared to other test shots I took, but there is one near the monkey ear (between ear and cheek), and one on the ladder (in front of monkeys mouth), and one on the wood in the upper left of the picture by the monkey's right arm...
  54. here is an unedited test shot from last night, and if you look at different areas of his head in full res, there are so many hot pixels it looks like I superimposed the picture over an astronomy shot.. :)
    I am sure there are techniques to get around this, but I just haven't learned them yet..
  55. Todd
    I see them and that is NOT normal. I hate to say it, but take it back and exchange it. That would drive me NUTZ....I have never seen that in any Pentax shots.
  56. really? wow! :-(

    is there any chance this could be a dusty sensor? or maybe because it was the first few pictures taken?

    it was sold as-is and was an open box.. i hope they'll cooperate if I try to exchange it..
  57. and if they're not willing to work w/ you - that's a pentax warranty issue. the store should
    have sent it back as a defective, if the 1st customer returned it for the same reason.
  58. One thing worth mentioning: your in-camera noise reduction should take care of those hot pixels automatically.

    my *ist DL has the same issue, even at ISO200. If I shoot in jpeg and don't have noise reduction on, those little spots drive me absolutely nuts. But shooting in RAW with reduction turned on, as soon as I bring the photo up in Lightroom, those hot pixels disappear like magic.

    I bought my camera on fleabay, so returning it was never an option.
  59. Todd, if it is hot pixel, blow it up 400% and print it out, the pixel should appear as "+". The store should return under Pentax warranty to have the CCD pixels remapped (apparently using their own internal software). This should fix the problem; I had mine done (free) once by Pentax Canada.
  60. Those are definatly Hot Pixels and noise reduction will not fix that. As suggested, It is a Pentax problem, not yours. Call them and be nice...You catch flies with sugar. [​IMG]
    By jgredline
  61. well i will play with it some more tonight and take it in to the store tomorrow with some sugar packets... ;-)

    thanks for all the input!
  62. Well, the price you got is quite good. If the store is hard nosed and does not want to bother satisfying a reasonable customer issue, and get the problems fixed, just do not buy anything more there. In fact, I would not trust exchanging it for anything else (another hidden problem?). They'd just figure having you take something else, being easier for them to just push the problem off on some other customer. So that is how you can expect to be treated.

    Worst case, you should be able to send it in yourself under warranty to Pentax in Colorado, if you're in the US. They may have a service center near you. When I got my first DSLR 3 years ago, after several months I found it had a problem with the built in flash soaking up all the battery juice within 7 or 8 shots! Pentax main office in colorado fixed it, no problem. Pentax CS is (800) 877-0155.
  63. BTW, if you do wind up sending it in, including a printout showing the problems would be good if possible.
  64. Todd, In addition to Michaels advice, perhaps a link to this thread to both Pentax and the store you bought it from may prove helpful.
  65. well i just hope i don't have to send it in to Pentax. Nothing like having to send in a new toy and wait while they fix it.. I assume I would have to pay the shipping too.. I went out and took some shots in daylight earlier.. Some shots had no problems at all that I could find, at least not at 100%. Others, like this one, were immediately identified at 100%
  66. especially after i start to get a taste of how fun this is going to be...
  67. My daughter Abigail.. After some contrast masking to try and get the shadows off her face...
  68. Todd
    Very Nice!!!
  69. thanks! ;-)

    i took quite a few more too after the posts here about maybe needing to send the camera out for fixing, so at least i'll have something to edit... :)
  70. welp I lost my good deal.. went to get the camera checked out at the camera store and they would only exchange it for $50 more... it's still not a rip off at that price or anything, but I don't think I would have done it the first time through for $499 ($550 after camera and tax and bag)...

    Since the camera I bought was used/open box, the best they would do for a new one was $499. I tried hard, and they would have refunded the money, but the best I saw for the camera online was $439 for just the body only (, so I still would have had to buy a lens and would have likely come out close the same price, but would have had to deal with shipping and waiting and then the (slim) chance that there could still be a defect... So I went ahead and paid the $53 difference. That was the money I was going to spend on rechargeable cr-v3's (disclaimer noted), so I guess I will be running on rayovacs for a while..

    At least they didn't hassle me, (big) thanks (to Michael and Javier and whoever else) to following your advice and showing them a few printouts of big fat ugly hot pixels... They played dumb, but didn't even try to BS their ways around that... The first (sales) guy started to wind up with me but when he saw the printout he quickly answered the phone while in mid sentence with me and left me standing there for five minutes until another sales guy got off the phone so I could ask for the manager. Fortunately the manager was pretty cool... I just had to be patient at first while he tried to sell me an Olympus E-410...

    Funny thing: another customer walked up and saw all my stuff on the counter and went right over to another sales guy and immediately bought a K100D! I was eavesdropping on their conversation, while waiting for the manager to "work me a deal in the system", and it was obvious that this customer didn't know the first thing about cameras. He was buying one for his daughter for her birthday... I guess I looked like I knew what I was doing!? Hahaha! I should have mentioned "that guy over there" and asked to get the $50 knocked back off as a commission! The sales guy had the biggest grin on his face (not the same guy I dealt with at first)... The customer bought a camera, a tripod, a bag, an SD card, and who knows what else... and it didn't seem like he was trying to talk the price down at all. I wasn't listening at the end so maybe he talked him down later...

    Now to go home tonight and make very sure the new camera doesn't have any issues...

    Oh and another thing I just remembered that I want to look into, if anybody (I doubt it) is still reading this too long post... What's the status with firmware with the K100D? Is there a firmware version that I should be upgrading to? I will be use the search function at some point for this, once I know I have a keeper, but in case anybody wants to reply to a lazy person...
  71. Yes, there was a firmware update. All the Supers came updated but regular k100's may not be. Check for info. Click customer care & support, then self support. The K100D is under historical products.
  72. BTW, glad the store did something reasonable for you, and I like new in box, anyway. Funny story about the guy seeing your samples and buying a K100D!! He and his daughter will be pleased, i'm sure with it.

    Your results look great!! Your daughter is a pretty girl and very nicely captured in your photo. The K100D does such a fine job of producing great results right out of the camera! But you do a good job taking advantage of its qualities.
  73. Oh, and how did you do the contrast masking? Looks good.
  74. actually, he didnt even see my samples.. He stood around long enough I think to gauge that I was returning a defect, and probably heard me say that I didn't want the olympus because I really like the pentax... He asked me if they had any more, and I told him I didn't think so because they had told me they didn't.. Sure enough though, they managed to produce one for him.. Classic retail bs..

    As far as the contrast masking.. I followed this super easy GIMP toot:
  75. Well.. I still have the same problem with this camera.. hot pixels at any iso starting at 800 and above, with noise reduction on or off and with IS on or off.. haven't found any other settings that effect it.. tried the different modes and they all get it..

    I should have googled and it cost me fifty bucks not to:

    My thoughts at this point are that I dont like to shoot raw because it takes too long for each shot to save.. So with images with the hot pixels, if I look at the whole picture in full screen, only the worst of the hot pixels are visible. these are easy enough to repair in a photo editor, but when the photo is at 100% and the higher the ISO, I start seeing more and more of these, and I don't like it.

    I have a pretty bright LCD monitor, which probably makes these more visible to me..

    I am thinking about going back to the camera store and getting my money back and getting a K100D Super (Body) online for $439. (If I did this, do you guys have any suggestions for a lens to purchase?) Or maybe getting a different model camera.. I don't know..

    I've attached a picture of a bunch of different hot pixels from tonights shots, in different settings, in case you're interested..
  76. i am feeling like quite a dork right now.. I could have done one more search and saved all that money and energy... I think I was just in hurry up and fix it mode without thinking things through all the way... I am calmed down now and not sure if I am going to hassle it any further or not... I might just lick my wounds and move on and focus on enjoying this camera... hot pixels and all.. ;-) one last photo for this thread... taken on my way home from work tonight outside my office.. taken with the 'new' camera... i bet you can't find the hot pixels! (but they're in there)
  77. Nice photo!! :)
  78. IF you can get your money back (sounds like the store would not be the type for that courtesy without a hassle), the deal you found on the Super is outstanding- if still there. They go fast. The Super has contacts for Pentax high-end lenses having special SDM focus. It also has a vibrator to help dislodge dust from the sensor. There is a new one of those lenses coming up I am waiting to consider- a 17-70mm f/4.

    If you like shooting JPEG, the K100 is tops. Superb quality right out of the camera.

    Justin and Renato know their stuff. They have used, and do use, a lot of camera models, including other brands. I almost forgot about the other post on hot pixels. I've been lucky so far.

    The Pentax 6mp sensor and 10mp sensor is made by Sony and also used in models by Sony, Nikon, Samsung, as well as Pentax and perhaps others. From there, it is circuitry, processing, and other various camera design factors that account for differences.

    The Pentax kit lens, 18-55mm is quite good, and well made, especially for its low cost. It is small, and fine with the built-in flash without interference.

    There are numerous other choices for various needs.

    If you eventually get into it enough to go the money for the Pentax Limited series prime lenses, like the 21mm and 43mm, they are great compact walkabout lenses for a compact model like yours.
  79. thanks for the advice.. i got to the store during my lunch hour and the manager is off today.. so the end result will have to wait til tomorrow... My buddy just got a killer deal on an Canon XTi and he is excited about that, but I am really happy with my choice. I just want my $50 battery money back! ;-)

    It's funny to me when you call it 'compact model'. I was coming from p&s's so this thing is huge to me..
  80. Todd
    Let your friend handle your Pentax and then Let him handle His XTI.
    It will feel like he bought it at Toys R us.. :)
  81. yeah, that's what I've read a lot. We will get together at some point I am sure and compare notes.. I have another friend who has an EOS 10D and I got to take a few photos with that last weekend before I bought my K100D. It seemed alright to me. I guess I am just too new to really notice things... But now that I've shot a few hundred pictures with my K100D I may notice it more...
  82. Todd, when you get together with your friend and his XTi, ask him whether his lens is image-stabilised. Then pat your K100D, smile, and say in a dreamy voice "any lens I put on my K100D is image-stabilised...even this fine 20 year-old prime I picked up on eBay for $50".
  83. ''Miserere Mei, Feb 28, 2008; 07:25 p.m.

    Todd, when you get together with your friend and his XTi, ask him whether his lens is image-stabilised. Then pat your K100D, smile, and say in a dreamy voice "any lens I put on my K100D is image-stabilised...even this fine 20 year-old prime I picked up on eBay for $50".''

  84. The XTi has no true spot meter either, gotta spend more for the new XSi to get that. Nor a top LCD panel. And their kit lens is truly a piece of junk. Tested sharp out of the box, but is built like crap, and not likely to hold its alignment. Its manual focus mechanism is just lousy. But it does offer more features than the Nikon D40(x). If the D40 is loaded with anything it's shortcomings.

    Now Canon and Nikon make some fine equipment, but in this price range, it's another matter.
  85. Well a happy ending to the story.. The guy was fine with the exchange so I got my $50 back and the original used K100D that I purchased. So now I can spend that $50 on batteries and enjoy learning how to use this camera and try to forget my little blunder ever happened.. ;-)
  86. So Mr Todd Phillips will be shooting RAW from now on?
  87. I am guessing that I will shoot mostly jpeg for the convenience/speed of it for now and just clean up the shots I need to that have the obtrusions... Which do you prefer (I am guessing RAW?)? You have a K10, right?

    (Tangent; I was just checking out the K20 and boy that thing looks pretty nice!) Maybe in a year the price will have dropped and my skills will have risen...) :)
  88. Yes, I have the K10D. I bought it a little over 6 months ago and was considering the K100D for a while. But when the rebates came out and Circuit City offered 10% off for a week, I just went for the K10D. You're right in that you'll be in a good position to upgrade to the K20D in a year's time, when the price will definitely have come down. Start saving up now, and when the time comes you can also sell your K100D to help make the upgrade as economically painless as possible.

    As far as jpeg vs RAW, the debate will rage on forever. I shot jpeg for a couple of months (as I had been doing with my P&S), and then decided to see what I could do with RAW. The power it gives you over your pictures is incredible; I see photography as art, not reproduction, so being able to adjust colours, brightness, etc. with so much ease and image quality made me a convert to RAW.

    However, I don't go around trying to convince people RAW is the only path. If your jpegs look the way you want them to straight out of the camera and you don't need to use photoshop on them, then by all means save yourself the hassle and storage space and shoot in jpeg!
  89. yeah, I experimented with raw a little more last night, and this camera is definitely easier than my previous camera. It doesn't bog down nearly as bad. I tend to edit photos that I really like so I am probably better off majoring in raw mode...
  90. oh, and i forgot to mention that I get a lot less noise/hot pixels in raw mode...
  91. Is there a recommended RAW editor for K100D? I am using Ufraw because it exports to GIMP but it doesnt always seem to interpret correctly...
  92. Todd
    I use both CS2/3 and Lightroom, but they are pretty pricey.
    The pentax software works ok too.
  93. Todd, are you a good enough man ;-D to be a mac user?
    Aperture is fanstastic, easy, and only $200. Very, very easy to self teach.
  94. good enough man? is this a spam email for male enhancements? :)

    no no.. just a lowly pc user...

    for some reason I am hesitant to try whatever pentax has made available for raw deciphering. I don't expect it to be good. I have tried 'ufraw', and 'raw therapee' that are fronts for dcraw, and they work. ufraw is better imo, except it doesnt always get the white balance right. Oddly enough Irfanview gets the white balance right but if I want to go straight from raw to my editor I like to go with ufraw because it spits right into GIMP.

    I just did a bunch of messing with low light shots of the kids from after dinner... mostly at 3200iso without flash and there is just so much noise... sigh.. I have much to learn...
  95. Todd
    What I have found that works in low light is this...First, unless it is really dark avoid ISO 3200...How ever if you are going to use it, set the camera on AV mode and set the aperture wide open..If your using the kit lens plan on it being 3.5 and 18-20mm if memory serves me right..
    Secondly, you will also and may have to go +1 to 2 EV...
    All this of course if your not using a flash.
  96. I will definitely try that. It wasn't really dark. I would say medium-low... So I probably shoulda gone with 1600? Would AV mode still apply for that going with 1600 in medium-low light? I like that lower living room light wihtout flash if I can get it cleaner... Thanks for the advice!

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