I'm featured on Epson's R-D1 site!

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by krimple, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. I've been featured on Epson's European R-D1 site... They approached me earlier this month as a proponent of the R-D1 and rangefinder shooting style.
    I'm thrilled. If you're interested, the web site is:
  2. Ken

    That's great news and I hope something comes from it for you!


  3. Nice feature, Ken. Congrat's to you. ...and the exposure should help you!

  4. Congratulations, Ken! Good shots too! I really liked your portfolio.
  5. Good for you, Ken. I am very seriously considering an RD-1. Have you had any problems with it?
  6. I've had my camera since December of last year. So I was an early adopter.

    The most common complaint on the camera is hot pixels. I have three or four, but they're mostly invisible to the naked eye, and take 2 or 3 seconds to spot remove with the clone tool. I could exchange the camera for another one (I have another 4 months to think about that) but I'm so happy overall with it that I rarely even think of it.

    My lenses focus wonderfully. I use Cosina lenses, out of a cost conscious decision--I know that primes are optically superior to the zooms I used to use on an SLR, so the Cosina Voigtlander lenses are good enough for me. I do have a 90mm Elmar (very old) and have learned to frame shots ok with it, using a little chimping.

    So no major problems or gripes here. The ISO 1600 images are a bit grainier in color, but they convert very well to black and white, and the Epson RAW converter, although a bit slow, creates beautiful black and white images with rich, deep dark tones.

    Another thing that has me happy about this camera is the recent introduction of full R-D1 support in the newest version of Capture One. For color renditions, it's perfect for me. The largest size print I've done is 11x14", but I wouldn't go larger with 6 megapixels without using something like Genuine Fractiles... It does great 8.5x11" Luster-E prints on my Epson 2200.

    I am absolutely and completely happy with the camera. It fits my shooting style, and is extremely portable and quick to react. Really feels like shooting with a Leica or Voigtlander.

    BTW--all the shots on the site were handheld, except the waterfall shot--that was three images stacked in -2EV, 0EV and +2EV exposure differences, and integrated in Photoshop CS2 using the 32-bit high exposure mode. I may put an article on my site about the technique. I say that because if you take the fireworks shot, consider that was shot with a 15mm Heliar wide open, handheld, at 1600 ISO (or maybe 800, I forget). Shutter speeds were around 1/8th or 1/15th. Try THAT with an SLR.

  7. Super Ken, it is always fun when your work is recognized.

  8. Congrats Ken

    Hope they either compensated you or at least gave you dibs on a beta version of the R-D2!

  9. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Seems like a lot of OT news (Epson and CV) for a Leica forum.

    Ray Hull
  10. May be 'off topic' on a technicality, but of great interest to me, and I am sure, to a lot of others.

    Actually, since it is a RF it may not be off topic, but who really cares. We ARE interested.
  11. Ken, first thanks for responding to my earlier post regarding the r-d1. And thanks again for this link. appreciate seeing what a camera can do and how it compares to the shooting I do. I'm happy to see that there is indeed a digital camera that can be used the way I'm used to shooting with film.
  12. Pentax actually DOES make M mount lenses.
  13. Congrats Ken. Some nice ones in there.

    Is it me, or are many of the other images by the other photogs downright boring with very little to speak of in terms of color, subject and even composition? A couple of jewels but a few real dogs too---I mean downright basic snaps. I do not find myself overly impressed with this camera if those shots are representative of its potential.
  14. "Seems like a lot of OT news (Epson and CV) for a Leica forum."

    Not at all Ray, M mount cameras are completely on topic. Sorry to dissappoint you.
  15. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Congrats to you, and I like your work, too! Good stuff.
  16. My friend's reaction when he first saw my R-D1. Taken in B&W mode, edge enhance 1, with a 50mm Summar. I had to expand the histogram a bit.
  17. Taken at the British Museum. B&W mode, edge enhance 1, with a 35mm 'Lux pre-asph. Old lenses got glow.
  18. R-D1, 35mm 'Lux pre wide open. Edge enhance 1, color corrected afterwards, EV adjusted +1.4, focal lengthed to 35mm.
  19. Nice shots, esp. the Homer (?) statue. I am also experimenting with my Leica 90mm Elmar f/4 -- it's very low contrast, and a bit soft, which makes for a good portrait. I'll have to post some samples later when I'm on my PC.


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