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  1. I'm just beginning my search for a photographer for my wedding (May
    22, 2005) and am overwhelmed by the sheer number of wedding
    photographers in illinois (specifically the chicago area).

    I'm on a somewhat limited budget, but not drastic...looking to spend
    about $3,000 for 8 hours of coverage, proofs, and a small album with
    a few prints. I'd also like to get the negatives or digital files
    within a year following the wedding.

    Looking for photojournalistic photos but want the standard family,
    group, and detail shots as well.

    Anybody either A) have experience with photographers who they felt
    were particularly good for the money or B) are wedding photographers
    in this price range/style or C) have ideas of how to narrow my
    search from the huge professional photographers of america website.


    Josh Thornton
  2. Josh -- I'd do an advance search in Google... Exact phrase could be: wedding photography. Add in the top of the form "must have these words" - Chicago, groups, natural, photojournalism, candid. <p>Then -- I'd just check out as many as possible..putting your favorites in your favorites folder. Then - Take a second look at your favorites and narrow down what you like in your price range, slightly above your price range and slightly below. Call, make appts... and see at least three. Ask for references. When speaking with references look for a very high level of enthusiasm. Also when seeing the photographers, ask to see an actual wedding. Most good photographers will have proof albums on hand because they are busy filling album and reprint orders... Good luck.
  3. Josh,

    Try looking on the PPA web site.

    Here is the "find a photographer" link.
  4. I HAVE A WEDDING PACKAGE THAT CONTAINS EVERYTHING YOU SEEM TO BE LOOKING FOR. STARTING 2.5 HOURS PRIOR TO THE CEREMONY,UNTIL THE END OF THE EVENT. A blend of photojournalistic and traditional photos. One library bound Leather Craftsmen album of Sixty One photos (any size) including all proofs for $2695.00

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