I'll be the first one to complain about the 5D MKII :)

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by peter_langfelder, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. As of now everyone seems to be in love with the new 5D Mk II, so I'll complain a bit. My two biggest gripes about my old trusty 5D are 1. the position of AF points in the viewfinder (too central), and 2. mirror lockup hidden in custom functions. The mirror lockup becomes especially tiring if you also want to set and re-set custom white balance. Every indication is that the 5D MKII is, in these two regards, unchanged. Further, less irritating but also apparently unchanged: the focus points' active area seems to be larger than indicated, or shift at close focus (or both); and the exposure compensation/meter scale is restricted to +/-2 stops, which isn't always enough. And while I'm complaining, I might add that the landscape sample image posted on canon japan looks distinctively P&S-like. Plenty of color fringing near borders and little texture in the low-contrast, darker areas. A border crop of the landscape sample image from Canon Japan is attached for illustration.
  2. i'm not impressed with the first samples, either.
  3. I'd complain about the lacking of dual CF or mix of CF and SF card. Especially with HD video ... you may need to
    store video on one side and images the other... It makes more sens though, otherwise, Canon would stop making the
    1Ds3 if the 5D2 were "so perfect".

    Now it makes more sense to use 16 + GIG CF cards. I know that some limit themselves to 2 GIG CF cards (I've been
    shooting with dual 16 GIG on my 1D3 and 16 GIG with the 5D without hazards so far. Keep knocking woods).

    Yeah, how many parts in the camera compares to how many parts in the CF card? What is the ratio of "chance"' that
    one fails or another?
  4. Ah dunno, ah thinks the position of the AF points is a moot point. Most of us only use the center AF point anyway. Why?
    The joystick is too slow to select AF points except for landscapes. I want ECF back! As for the AF point being bigger than
    indicated, that's how they've always been, at least since my first 3 AF sensor body I bought in 1990 (EOS 10S). It only takes a
    few minutes of experimenting to figure it out and adapt your technique. I'd rather not see the AF boxes at all (like
    the 1D series).
  5. Hi Puppy, the joystick works so-so to ok for me, mostly. ECF would certainly be very welcome though. IIRC the focus point indications were quite accurate on my old EOS 3 (sold in the meantime, can't verify anymore). Definitely not as bad as the 5D.

    When I transitioned from the 3 to 5D, compositions of my social situation photos went dramatically downhill (way too much empty space at the top) until I started doing the focus-recompose dance. Trouble is my subjects often move and recomposing means losing focus altogether. If Canon never produced the EOS 3, I guess we might not be complaining, but it has, and it's baffling that a 10-year old semi-pro camera that last sold for $800 still beats, in terms of usability, the newest $2700 semi-pro body.
  6. Here's a quote from Canon USA site:
    The EOS 5D Mark II has a sophisticated AF system consisting of 9 user-selectable AF points, along with a total of 6 additional vertical and horizontal AF assist points. The central AF point is cross-type, and is sensitive to vertical lines at an aperture of f/2.8, horizontal lines at f/5.6.
    I hope this is just mistaken carryover from the old description... nothing I can find from Canon would indicate the AF points are actually all cross type. That would be doubly sad.
  7. Plenty of color fringing near borders and little texture in the low-contrast, darker areas.
    Why are you blaming the camera for shortcomings of the lens?
  8. From dpreview specs:
    • 9-point TTL CMOS sensor
    • 6 "Invisible Assist AF points"
    All points cross-type for lenses of F5.6 or faster
    • Center point additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8 or faster
    • AF working range: -0.5 - 18 EV (at 23°C, ISO 100)[/quote]
  9. I cant believe I see complaining about the functionality of a camera that hasnt even been tested yet. None of you
    have used it yet and already complaining about the focus points/joystick function/color fringing blah blah blah. The
    landscape shot was only f7.1 and the parts of the image that being complained about are 3 miles away from the
    focus plain in the far corners of a wide angle "Zoom" lens.

    Also notice the unbareable haze in that area. Very
    looking. Not a clear shot. My god, give it a fighting chance. Is this where our expectations have gotten us. We
    expect to see actual "texture" in moss 2 miles away using a wide angle zoom lens at 28mm. Sorry, but if you
    expect this, even the
    Phase One P65 wont be enough for you and its $41,000. Times are good I guess when complaining gets to be this
  10. My only complaint is that the flash sync is a measly 1/200th sec - what's up with that? The original 5D did have 1/250th sec, which was a lot more useful. Still, it's a nice upgrade from an old workhorse, and it shows you the 5D platform was/is a very useful one.
  11. >>My only complaint is that the flash sync is a measly 1/200th sec - what's up with that? The original
    5D did have 1/250th sec

    uh, no, the 5D's flash x-sync is also 1/200.
  12. Theres no high speed sync option for the 5D/ 5DMKII ? That would be lame..... love my Nikon for that.
  13. We expect to see actual "texture" in moss 2 miles away
    And when I print it, I want to feel that texture! ;-)
    Theres no high speed sync option for the 5D/ 5DMKII ? That would be lame.....
    Canonites can set high speed sync on their flash and think 12 mp would be lame. ;-)
  14. I was hoping that they expand the focusing points. I'm not a photo technician, but I ran into allot of situations where the focusing points on the EOS 30D could not cut it. They were either too low, or too close to the center point. It's not easy doing a compose/recompose when you are shooting at night and you have the camera sitting on a tripod. Also forget about shooting at night, if I can't see it with my own eyes then why bother shooting it. I was also hoping for -3/+3 better -4/+4 compensation. Also a Focusing aid like they have on the Olympus E3 and Robust weather sealing. I like the idea of 21 megapixels though.
  15. Well it looks great to me. The only thing I would find less than ideal is the drive speed of 3.9fps. Give me one of these with a ZE 50/1.4 on the front and I would be very happy indeed.
  16. All Canon EOS since the Elan II released in 1996 (maybe even earlier) or so has FP high speed sync if matched up with Canon EX Speedlite. I guess they don't mentioned that "feature" since it's been available for over a decade. Yes, the 5D has that too.

    As far as mirror lockup, my lowly 40D allow me to assign one of the custom preset on the dial for any specific custom function combination. I'll be surprised if the new 5D does not have that.
  17. Wow, some of you folks are real quick off the mark.

    I am almost ashamed to admit that I haven't had the time to realize just how bad this camera is!

    Canon will be lucky if they sell any at all!


    Cheers! Jay
  18. Well, let me be the first one to complain about all the complainers.


    Well, with that out of the way, i'm going to go outside and take some pictures with my outdated, poor focusing, not-enough-special-features cameras.
  19. My complaint is that I want one but I really cant justify it. Honestly not much to complain about. It looks like a great
    camera. I am shocked they put in the HD video but for the amature like me thats a big plus.
  20. "My two biggest gripes about my old trusty 5D are...and 2. mirror lockup hidden in custom functions."

    The 5D MkII has Custom Menus, so you can put mirror lockup at the top of your own menu page. Simple pimple.
  21. Already so many complaints about the 5D MKII, I can't wait until it is released so we can get an honest opinion not just speculation.
  22. For those who can't believe I'm already complaining: I know very well what the shortcomings of my 5D are, and they don't seem to be addressed by the upgrade. The focus points definitely not, the MLU most likely not. It surprises me that no one complains about the legions of fans already loving new and hence untested features, but people are in arms when I point out that Canon didn't improve things that to me needed improving (and some were better implemented on a camera from 10 years ago).

    I am fully aware that the test shot shows the shortcomings of the lens and quite possibly the photographer who chose a distant, hazy landscape. I think it also shows that the higher resolution of the camera will often serve only to highlight the shortcomings of the lens in front of it, including a new L series zoom. Another reason why I think Canon could have usefully put the emphasis of the upgrade a little less on the sheer resolution and a little more on the basic features.
  23. [[2. mirror lockup hidden in custom functions]]

    Why can't you set that to C1, C2, or C3?
  24. The only reference to 9 cross-type points, the one on dpreview.com, is now gone. Reading what Canon says:
    The central AF point is cross-type, and is sensitive to vertical lines at an aperture of f/2.8, horizontal lines at f/5.6.
    means only the central AF point is cross-type, and that only with lenses f/2.8 or faster. No high precision focusing point here, unlike on the 40D. I know I haven't seen the camera yet, but this is disappointing.
  25. Geez, kwitcherbellyakin. How about waiting to actually see one before picking it over like a dead cow?
  26. "I know very well what the shortcomings of my 5D are, and they don't seem to be addressed by the upgrade."

    Well that'll be because while they might be shortcomings to *you* they are very likely nothing of the sort to the many thousands of 5D users out there who do not share your opinion.

    Canon can't fix everything to suit everybody, every time, and - sorry mate - you aren't so special that Canon is going to make an extra effort to keep *you* happy.
  27. Puppy, I use only the center focus point with my 5D, but still have problems with the tight focus point pattern. My odds of guessing correctly *which* is the center point are about 50/50, and a tentative focus to see which one is the center is usually needed. I don't find this an issue with the crop body where the points appear more spread out. It seems to me the focus points are spaced the *same* on 1.6 crop and full frame, and the difference is due to the extra areas around the edge on full frame.
  28. JDM von Weinberg> Thats all I was saying. Sure, Canon could have adjusted/changed some functions, but its not
    the end of the world. I can cound on one hand the time I've used MLU and have fingers left. Most people just dont
    need it to have a button on the back of a camera. Really, the only reason for MLU is shooting with a 500mm f/4 on a
    weak tripod at 1/30. Really, MLU doesnt do anything idf you shoot at reasonable SS and equipment anyway. Sounds
    like setting custom WB/MLU workflow needs rethinking a bit.

    I dont know what to say about AF points. It doesnt bother me. The tops of the head doesnt have to be at the very
    edge of the frame. You need some space left due to different hairstyle and cropping for 8x10s and such. Maybe you
    should try switching to Nikon. They got that MLU button right there for ya. Dont know if the AF points are any better.
  29. Personally, I'm gutted about the 5DMkII.

    Having to build on the successes of the 5D, with a hell of a long time to do it, I can't believe this thing doesn't even have a microwave oven, or weather-altering vibration unit, for those wasted grey sunsets. And what about a version that folds out into a miniature motorised scooter, they could have at least looked into that.

    Yep, it might not have everything, but that's where the producers of Lego shot themsevles in the foot - making and selling a product that never has to be replaced, and can be used infinitely. These guys aren't working to an unlimited budget - they have to make a camera that can replace the 5D - so better specs, but still affordable for the keen enthusiast or pro-on-a-budget. Nor are they stupid. Sticking everything required into a cheap body would, eventually, backfire on them. It's not supposed to be perfect, but for what it is, I see a seriously slick offering with some very neat, original tricks to boot.
  30. Two thinks I was hopping to see were more custom settings (only one on the 5D) and an automatic dust cleaning
    system. The 5DMkII has 3 custom settings (one can be used for mirror lock up) and a sensor cleaning system.

    In regards to the sensor, I will withhold judgement until I see side by side comparisons of the 5D and 5DMkII of the
    same image at each iso setting on the cameras. However the 21MP sensor would (in theory) be more lens limited
    than sensor limited in terms of sharpness.

    However the two other things I would want are not in any canon camera. Trap focus and the functionality of the
    T80N3 remote timer built into the camera. Guess I will have to wait for the 5DMkX to get that. :-(
  31. I'm rather disappointed with what I've read about this camera so far. I do a lot of low-light performance photography, with the xxD series cameras. I would like a full frame to take better advantage of the fast primes I own. The camera I was hoping for: an equivalent to the Nikon D700. The AF system is important to me, much more so than the 21 megapixels. I use the non-central autofocus points All The Time; I cannot understand how so many people get by with just the center point. My subjects aren't sitting still. I need to keep an autofocus point on their faces, and their faces aren't in the dead center of the frame. The AF points on the 5DII are too clustered around the center of the frame. The xxD series is better in this regard, and it's not good enough in those cameras!

    Video is of no interest to me, but I fully understand that's where the world is headed. Canon has valid marketing reasons for including it. But we need a full-frame camera with higher frame rates, better autofocus, and high iso capabilities. Please don't tell me I need a 1D3: they're too expensive, especially since I work with two cameras all the time. Give us a 15 or 16 megapixel machine with great AF and high iso. Nikon came real close with the D700. The 5D2 seems targeted at a different niche than the one in which I operate.

    Image quality from the 5D2 will likely be stunning, of that I have little doubt. I'd just like a more photojournalist-targeted camera in the full frame segment, without having to spring for the much more expensive 1D3.
  32. Ra ra ra...

    I will be buying one and expect not to learn all it's superb subtle sub-functions before I upgrade in six years' time - such being the projected lifespan of a new PC/Mac, in parallel - on the basis that it ain't broke but somebody will inevitably decree that it needs fixing all the same, at which point I'll prtobably be too old to hold anything but an IS-pocket P&S
  33. I have always saw the 5D series camera as a studio camera. In studio I still use manual focus especially when using my fast primes which have to be dead on at F1.2. Because I also still shoot 35mm film I have had to work extremely hard at slowing down my shot speed. When I swich back to film I go through a roll so fast its just crazy. I have learned to plan the shot more and reduce the number of pictures I take. If I need to shoot sports or something faster I'll upgrade my 30D to a 40 or 50D. Just like I have different lenses for different purposes I have no problem having different camera's to match the need. Overall, the only thing which is really important to me is FF and IQ so that my FOV is same as my 35mm camera.
  34. it


    Re joystick. I shoot weddings with 5Ds and use the joystick constantly as I shoot so much at 1.4 and can't re-frame after locking focus. I like the joystick, works perfectly for me.

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