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  1. Hi All;

    I am pretty new to processing my own film (Current taking a B+W
    class at a local college). I am looking into getting my own
    chemicals so I can do it at home.

    I will mostly be developing Ilford HP5, Delta 400 and 100. I am not
    planning on doing anything fancy with changing development times,
    just trying to get a good consistent process down.

    So here is my question, what is the difference between DD-X and HC.
    The DD-X is a 4:1 ratio while the HC is much greater (therefore the
    HC would be MUCH cheaper). I don't mind mixing a stock solution
    from the HC, so that is not a concern for me. What is the advantage
    of the DD-X.... do the Negatives come out THAT much better. What is
    the extra $$ getting me.

  2. Well it obviously depends on the film you use (and to some extent your taste.) I've gotten very good results with DD-X and the Deltas.
  3. Craig,

    You may get a speed bump from DD-X. I have found it to be about 2/3 of a stop faster
    than Kodak's HC-110 (a product that I believe is very similar to Ilfotec HC) when used with

  4. The Ilfotec HC is a fine developer, very much the same as Kodak HC-110. Note that the stock solutions don't have particularly long lifetimes. You can dilute all the way when making working solutions, but you do need to be particularly precise in measuring the thick (syrupy) concentrate. A good graduate (with good technique) or a syringe are approaches to measuring the HC concentrate.

    As noted, the DD-X offers some speed boost, and the dilution process is simpler.
  5. DD-X is flexible in terms of dilution and agitation pattern.

    1:8 works well with 150% the developing time.

    1:13 works well for agitation every 5-15 minutes. You'll have to determine your own EI & developing time, but don't be discouraged! Experiment in the spirit of experimentation!

    Grain is not reduced at all with DD-X, but tonality is quite nice, and sharpness is good.
  6. Craig

    I have used HC for years with excellent results with all usual B&W films.

    I fill a standard plastic film cassette -30 ml- to the brim with concentrate and freeze it to a gel. I dissolve a canister of gelled concentrate in 970 ml of water to get a liter of working solution that I use in one session or day. I then get thirty session from one 1 liter bottle.

  7. I consider DD-X to be liquid Xtol. I switched to DD-X when Kodak discontinued 1L Xtol
    and can't see much, if any, difference in terms of grain and sharpness. Plus Ilford generally
    recommends DD-X over HC for the film you're using.
  8. Dear Craig,

    One more plus for DD-X: the stock solution lasts forever even in half-full bottles. I've been using it for years and wouldn't even consider HC. Particularly gorgeous results with HP5.


    Roger (
  9. Thank you all for your contributions...

    This is all great information, thanks for taking the time to answer me.

  10. DD-X Stock solution lasts forever? How so? And how should the solution be made? I'm using DD-X but it lasts 3 months and I dont develop that often and the 1L bottle goes to waste sometimes.

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