Ilford universal in a rotary tube??

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by ian_mazursky, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I ended up with a whole case of Ilford universal developer which i believe is now Ilfosol.
    Would anyone know how this developer would perform in a photo-therm rotary tube processor?
    I shoot mostly fp4, hp5 and tmax 400 sheets.

    Thanks all!

    -Ian Mazursky
  2. Ilford Universal is not the same as Ilfosol. Universal is designed to be used with film and paper at various dilutions.
    Since I don't use it for its designed purpose, I can not give you suggested times. Look on the Ilford web site for suggested development times. I believe they give intermittent agitation times. If so, you will need to reduce the time 15-25% for use in rotary devlopment with constant development.
  3. James is right, Ilford Universal which is more commonly called PQ Universal, is used mostly for processing B&W prints although it may be suitable for some specialist type films requiring a high contrast developer.
    It will yield very grainy and quite contrasty negatives on the films you have mentioned.
    Ilfosol-S is a different developer all together and is designed only for film development. The last three letters, `sol`, is because it is a solvent type (fine-grain) developer.

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