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  1. i own an ilford icp-42 ilfochrome processor and i'd like to find a
    used ilford iwd-42 wash/dry unit to go with it. can anyone suggest a
    retailer who might deal in such used equipment? i tried rkequipment
    and they don't handle these units.
  2. Good luck! I used to sell these things when I was a dealer in LA, as far as I know we usually sold both halfs as a unit. They are no longer made; finding just the wash/dry unit may be tough. Have you tried contacting an Ilford sales rep, perhaps they may know of a person or lab that might have one to sell, but my guess is that you would probably have to buy a complete setup. Not so bad really as then you would have spare parts.
  3. Ilford's machines were made by Thermaphot in Germany and they are still being made under Thermaphot nomenclature!
    The dryer unit has model name UWD-402. You may look for this too.
  4. Geoff, I was taking a look at There is a pair of Ilford ICP-42 and the IWD-42 for sale at $2200. The Item number is 14922. Email:
  5. What's the difference between an icp-42 and a CAP-40?
  6. Bill,

    the ICP is different in several ways. the ICP process time and temperature are adjustable, making it usable for more than just Ilfochrome (RA-4 and B&W). It has the dryer module, optional. It has the superior step plates of the later versions of the CAP-40. Those ar the major differences, they are pretty similar otherwise. Most parts are interchangeable with the CAP's


    If you dont find anything by December email me at keewatin at warpmail dot net. I have what you are looking for but I dont particularly want to part with it if I dont have to. I might need the money bad enough in December to let it go, but dont get your hopes up because I dont part with anything photographic unless I really have to. As I recall needs a little work, i havent used it in 2 years
  7. Hello,
    although this thread is very old but I'm trying to ask you guys sth. in this matter.
    Has anybody tried to combine the older CAP-40 with the wash and drying unit IWD-42? I own one of the last CAP-40-S models and could get the IWD-42 at a very low price.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks and best regards

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