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  1. Hello!

    I have Ilford ID-11 film developer powder (says 1L on the box). So I can't figure out how to mix it. I found on the internet that people
    usually mix the whole thing with 5l of water. I am wondering what is the best way to do it? Can I mix it with 1L of water to make stock
    solution and then mix it with more water before developing film (for working solution). And if yes, what should the dilution be? It's my first
    experiment so I'd like it as detailed as possible please. For storage, I have loads of collapsible chemical bottles.
  2. It comes in different packs, mainly one or five litres. Yours will make one litre of stock solution (which can be used as it is or diluted one plus one or one plus three. Easiest way to mix is with two one-litre beakers. Put about 600 cc of water at about 40 degrees C in one beaker, add all of packet A (don't try to mix a smaller quantity), and pour the solution from one beaker to another until all the powder dissolved. Then add all of packet B and do the same again. Make the solution up to one litre by adding cold water. Use deionised water or water from a filter jug if available, particularly if the water is your area is hard (contains dissolved limestone). For further details go to and download instruction sheets.
  3. If the pack is to make up 1 litre then start using 20 percent less (warmish 40C). Dissolve the powders in the correct order and top up to 1 litre - this is your stock solution. Use without further dilution (and reuse if you want), or dilute 1+1 or 1+3 with water and discard after use. Do not store diluted stock.
  4. Thank you! Just a quick question. If I re-use my stock chemical, how much longer should I keep film in it? I heard somewhere that for wvery time you reuse developer you have to add 1 minute. Is it true? And what about 1+1 dilution? How much longer should I develop when reusing? (I won't store it. Just might want to develop twice one time right after another to see what results it gives)
  5. Plus I minute would be reasonable - the recommendation IIRC is +10% each time. Most people prefer to use ID-11 one plus one - this is a good compromise between finest grain (with stock solution) and highest sharpness (with a little more grain, obtained with dilution one plus three). As Neil says, diluted developer should be used once only (and because of this is usually regarded as giving more consistent results).

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