Ilford FP4+ sheet tests with HC-110/dip & dunk

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  1. I have posted a few threads on this topic when my EI for FP4+ was at 200 I
    questioned "everything". It was the battery in the lightmeter (pentax spot) that
    was the culprit......

    Anyway these are the results I have now finalised. The zone 1 density is a bit
    high on N+1 and N+2 (diff enlarger) but guess this is one of the issues to
    compromise in order to reach a density of +/- 1.30 in the VII, VII and VI as you
    contract the scale.

    The results were obtained using a 150mm xenar with copal 0; exposure that is mid
    range and F16. The lighting was mounting board with diffused daylight EV reading
    16 openned 5 stops for the Stouffer 21 step 5x4 negative.

    Developpement in HC-110 dilution H (1:63) at 20 deg celcius, dip&dunk agitation
    constant for the 1st 30 seconds then every 30 seconds (1 lift to the right, two
    vertical up and downs, 1 lift to the left and 1 up and down = about 10 seconds).
    Fixing is with ilford rapid fixer.

    The dev times and EI:

    N-2 = EI80, 5'00"
    N-1 = EI80, 5'40"
    N = EI100, 7'30"
    N+1 = EI100, 9'15"
    N+2 = EI125, 12'30"

    The is on the attached file.

    Oh yes! the negatives enable easy exposure for printing that I do on a Devere
    504 ilford 500 equiped with RH design analayser 500 (great time killer and paper
    saver...... The negatives are packed with details that I can burn/dodge as
    required to get the "image I saw on that ground glass and imagined in my mind"

    Hope the above will help some of you even if personnal findings are necessary
    they may provide a starting point.

    Any comments would be welcomed as I know that the ladder is a long one to get
    the perfect print...

  2. I presume all those densities have had film base + fog removed? On T-MAX 100 in 35mm, I'm getting 0.20 just for film base + fog. (Although it is rather expired.)
  3. Yes they are indeed.
  4. ENjoy it whileyo can.
    I suspect when you have the shutter cleaned and adjusted your EI will be lower. In other words, I believe your shutter speeds are slow. This is no problem so long as they are consistent.

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