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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by torquil, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. I was thinking of buying an Zeiss Ikoflex TLR , just wondering
    how different the Novar lens is from the Tessar version.

    If so how does this reflect in the price??
  2. The Novar is a cheaper lens than the Tessar but both are reasonably sharp. I prefer the 4 element Tessar to the 3 element Novar but if you aren't making huge enlargements you won't see a noticible difference.

    The shutter may be a more important deciding factor.
  3. Torq

    You will see a big difference in 8x8 prints. Not in contact proofs.

  4. I have taken some very sharp pictures (6x6 Velvia slides) with my Nettar 517/16 equipped with a Novar 75mm/6.3 lens. But I agree that Tessar lens is sharper than a Novar, especially if enlarge your prints to 8x10 or above.
  5. Most older 3 element medium format lenses element also have more distortion/field curviture than the 4 element lenses did. In my opinion, the Zeiss TLR's aren't as nice to shoot with as the Minoltas and Rollei's from that era, so make sure you handle one before buying it long distance.
  6. I used an old Ikoflex with a Tessar for about 10 years. Eventually the mechanism that cocked the shutter when the film was wound broke and I was told that parts are no longer available. It would have cost more than the camera was worth to fabricate the part.
  7. I have used both an Ikonta with the 75mm Novar (good) and the Ikoflex with the 75mm Opton Tessar (better). I would recommend the Tessar (opton tessar if available) but make sure the camera is in good order throughtout, that the lens is clear and preferably coated and the shutter works well especially on the slow speeds which are the first things to go.

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