Ikoflex - How to set frame counter ?

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  1. I've been given a Zeiss Ikoflex IIA TLR with a Tessar in near mint condition but I cannot see how to get the frame counter to operate. As I don't have an instruction book can anyone please help. Is there someone who still uses an Ikoflex like this. It has a serrated button which appears to have to be pressed and turned in an anticlockwise direction - but when, and how far ?


    I should appreciate any help you can give me.
  2. I'm a Rolleiflex fan myself, David, so cannot answer your question
    directly. But I can give a pointer. There are a couple of mail order
    sources which have instruction manuals for most cameras, and will
    sell you a photocopy. In the UK there is
    and in the US there is
    I've had a quick look at their Websites, and Oldtimer has the one you
    want for GBP 7-95, presumably plus postage if you're outside the UK.
    Dr Owl
  3. John


    Thanks for the info, but Dad has shown me everything else about the
    camera and as a student GBP7.95 is a bit much just to learn about the
    counter. I hope someone can help.
  4. I just found this forum, so you may have answered your question by
    now, but reading from my Ic manual: Wind on the film until the figure
    1 appears in the film window (on the bottom of the camera). The
    camera is now correctly loaded and ready for the first exposure.
    Close the film window, depress the notched wheel of the frame counter
    and turn it in an anti-clockwise direction *until it locks*. The
    window of the frame counter will now also indicate No 1. From now on
    it is only necessry to consult the frame counter.

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