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  1. A couple of years ago I spied an Ikoflex sitting on the shelf at my favorite classic camera shoppe (has an old sound, right?). Never having had one in my hands before, I was soon enamored of it (OK, I'm easy). I have never gotten all the different models straight but the Opton Tessar puts it in the mid-50s, I think. I took it along on a trip to Georgia and stopped at the old Pebble Hill Plantation near Thomasville where I took a quick tour and shot these. Please forgive the quality (or lack thereof) of the scans. I just started scanning negs and the nuances of settings are eluding me at this point.
  2. Anyway, I love the Ikoflex. It is an extremely capable camera and an absolute bargain for what they go for. Another:
  3. And, one more. I scanned this one backwards so don't tell on me.
  4. Nice shots but the first one looks almost solarized, like part of it is negative and part positive. Weird.
  5. You have done well. The Ikoflexes are very interesting cameras with a really good lens, keep using it.

    I have dug out a pre war Ikoflex with an uncoated Tessar, but I find it really hard to focus, the older coffee can Ikoflex that I have been using is no problem.

    How do you find the focussing on yours?

  6. The magnolia shot is very nice. I love using an old Contessa 35mm with a Zeiss Opton. Very sharp, even by today's standards. They're great cameras.
  7. Nice shots but the first one looks almost solarized
    Full range of values. Nothing there looks remotely solarized.
  8. I had an Ikoflex II with post war coated Opton Tessar. A very sharp lens!
  9. Great shots Chauncey; scanning negatives takes time and practice. The first one, looks like an IR shot.
  10. Very nice looking hunting dog you have there. On point too!
  11. I have an Ikoflex III with the Albada finder and I also find focussing slightly a problem. I did not think so when I bought it so I think it's just a product of having modern autofocus and rangefinders.
  12. It's tough to evaluate the lens from the first and third scans. The second looks great, but shadows are too blocked. Not sure which scanner you've got, but adjusting curves in some fashion before or after scanning is a must. Play around with the presets in your scanning software too. The straight scan rarely produces good results.

    Great compositions though.
  13. Nice shots. It doesn't look polarized to me. I have two Ikoflex II cameras with Tessars... both in excellent working order and highly useable.
  14. Solarized! Sorry!
  15. As I am not a technician the only thing I can say is that love the three of the pictures: "The Stables": What a Shame the wagon isn't in the middle to balance, even more, the composition. 6/7. "Magnolia": The darkness of the background helps to stand out the flower. I can fill the sweet smell from here:) 7/7. "The Pergola": Perfect composition. The top eaves "cutting" the parallel lines formed by the columns and the chimneys broke the escape to the infinite. 7/7.
  16. Thanks. I remember using the wagon to cover a distracting sign by the doorway and its shadows to highlite the dog statue. The magnolia was hanging over a fence which I was leaning into to try to offset the blossom against the shadows of the tree. The detail is all in the shadows on the neg, by the way - I've got a long way to go on the scanner. I don't see any way you can downsize a scan to 120 dpi for posting and still get the real quality of the lens to show. In the last one, I was trying to keep the spouting turtle in the clear along with everything else.
    Tony, I have no problem with the focus on the Ikoflex. The screen is a little coarse, but the magnifier is large enough to cover the whole glass even with my glasses.
    So Luis, how did your negs turn out?
  17. Chauncey,

    I just finish scanning the negs from the Ikonta. I saved some of them. Some problems with the scanner: it doesn't like 6X4.5 when they are so closed and made me few pranks. I'll show them tomorrow. There are not good pictures because of me. Hope to do it better next time. I need to practise a bit more.


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