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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by raymond_tai, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. I just got a IIIg and noticed the finder isn't as bright or crisp as the M3 finder. I would
    say it is as dark as the M2 finder but with a slight yellow tint. But what is troubling is
    that it looks slightly blurry, unlike the M3 finder which is clear and crisp like looking
    through air. Can anyone with a IIIg please tell me if this is normal? Thanks.
  2. Ray,

    Clean the eyebrow grease off all the windows first. The one I had - I am through with trimming leaders - was clear, and not yellowing. The RF part is yellow.

  3. this is a typical IIIG problem. people often blame the balsam glues. i had one like this that DAG was able to clear at a modest cost, but i understand that sometimes the problem can be fatal. great camera though!!
  4. The yellowing doesn't bother me too much unless it gets worse. What is annoying is
    that the finder isn't sharp and it isn't eye brow grease. The best way to describe it is
    that it looks like it could use a minus 2 diopter. Looking throug it long gives me a
  5. Ray,

    The IIIG has a built-in diopter adjustment located under the rewind knob. Check it, move it, it works.

  6. Steve. The diopter is for the rangefinder not the viewfinder. Ray
  7. Then return the camera and wait for a better one, or have it CLA'ed and/or repaired. IMHO, the IIIGs are way overpriced for what they are, and only 50 and 90 framelines.

  8. I had the IIIG. The RF would go out of vertical alignment when set down on the table, and has two separate finders. I got a Canon VI-T for less than half what the IIIG cost me, and it has 35/50/90 frames, only one VF, AND a rapidwinder built-in.

  9. IMHO the rangefinder/viewfinder on the IIIg was never as bright as the M3. However mine is clear with no yellowing or blurring so your IIIg is probably due for a CLA. Remember the IIIg series is now over 40 years in age. Nice camera if you are using a 50mm but not so good for wide angles or anything over a 90mm unless you have a set of bright line finders for your wide angles and over 90mm lenses.
  10. Look like I should get it cleaned up. Who in the US would be best for such a repair
    job? thanks.
  11. DAG or Sherri, can't go wrong with either one.

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