IF you still use a minox 8x11 PLEASE SAY HELLO HERE....

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    As a recent new user of minoxes I was wondering how many poeple still actively use
    them, this forum seems very quiet so I assume that the lack of posts either means
    people have posted all they are interested in about minoxes or have given up using
    them for a while - or for good. If you still actively use your minox please post here it
    would be good to know how many minoxers are on this forum.

    If you have any links to your minox photos that would be really good to see.

    Kind regards

  2. Hello here....
  3. Hi Bob, excellent start, I know there must be at least 6 of us.........
  4. Yes,I am still using my Minox cameras,very much so.However,it seems that I am more active in slitting and shooting,than processing:)).I have some 10 films waiting.Very good idea,Steve,having this question.I long for the days when postings were like 10 per day,and this regularly occurred at the beginning of 2000's.People move on,I guess. Some of my pictures and stuff can be seen on: http://tech.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/Minox-FAQ/photos/browse/92f7 http://tech.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/Minox-FAQ/photos/browse/5c4e http://tech.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/Minox-FAQ/photos/browse/240c?b=1&m=t www.minox.freeservers.com www.minox.freepages.ro and of course,my portfolio herein,although those are just a few.Enjoy! All the best, JT
  5. Yes, certainly. Using EC and C mostly but also B and IIIs. I use Blue Moon for developing and new film when they have it. Must find another source for film because Blue Moon has run out. I use ASA 400 color print film. Had used MicroTek in CA and Minox Processing in NY years past, but they are gone or unreliable. Someday I may develop myself (yea right!, I still have several rolls of half-frame 35mm slide film in the refrigerator to be developed, decades old). I love the format, the grain, the always-there camera. And just the fun of taking picture with a Minox. For air travel I use the MiniDigi and a Polaroid digital - not the same thrill as using a Minox with REAL film.
  6. BL,C and EC, (also Edixa 16M). Although less enlarging, instead I
    shoot, develop then scan with film scanner.
  7. PS IIIs is my favorite Minox... the C is nice for automation and no unexpected film advance.
  8. Hi Steve,
    I think I'm one of the few Minox 8x11 users in The Netherlands...There will be much more users in Germany and I think most of them visit the German Minox forum not this one.
    My February DAGed Minox B is used last Saturday at a Large Photography meeting :). I used Copex and this film will be developed soon using the original tank. The enlargements will be made using the model III enlarger. When the results are reasonable I'll send my IIIs and Minosix to Don.
    The little IIIs and the B are lovely camera's and I admire the mechanics in such small boxes. Keep on counting....
    My pictures are here.

  9. Rob,nice work you've got there.I especially like the underground ones.Smooth tones and good contrast/shadows.Very nice photographs,congrats!

  10. After 40 years of always carrying one Minox or another in my pocket, I now use them only for fondling.<P>Even with the absurd cost of processing, I might still be using them if the B&W service was really good, as it was when I used to develop/print myself. I wouldn't even know where to send the film anymore.<P>(EC, IIIs, C, TL.)
  11. Hello everyone,

    That makes 8 of us, you never know would might even reach double figures:). Great to see the photos Iulian and Robert are taking with their cameras - thanks for the links.

    I am mainly using a B and C (I did get a perfect looking TLX but unfortunately the shutter sticks and the ISO dial does not work so I am sending it back - I thought I got it for a good price!).

    I can't get over how well designed the minox system is and such a joy to use a pleasent change from working with digital for the day job. I love the ethos of the system the developing tank is just genius makes developing at home so easy and economical compared to other methods.

    I am making a slitter at the moment and looking to do some printing - I just need to take some decent photos first....although I have played with the enlarger a lot - a joy to use as well.

    A great source in the UK I have found for film etc. is GFG Microsystems Ltd very reasonable price (for minox anyway) and great service - I think they despatch overseas as well. I don't know anyone that develops it but as I am interested only in BW for minox stuff I can do that myself very easily.

    Maybe we could have a photo of the month competition there are so few of use we all might get to have a symbolic win at least once a year!

    Kind regards to everyone.

  12. Still using them here. Mostly a BL or IIIs with Minopan 25, but occasionally an EC with faster film, or a TLX with colour. I try to have one with me whenever I'm out. I develop b&w myself, but scan using a film scanner and print digitally. For colour I've been using Blue Moon. I've been experimenting with film slitting, but so far haven't had reliable results. I'm still looking for a minox/acmel slitter if I can find one. -Anthony
  13. I still use mine (Minox B), but the film and processing issues keep me from using it very much anymore. I suspect it won't be long before the film will no longer be available. I tried developing and scanning my own B&W, but I did not get very good results, so I just shoot the color film and send it out to Blue Moon Camera for processing. I still love the camera, and I will surely take it with me on vacation this summer.
  14. We have made double figures!

    That is 10 of us I new we could get there, thanks to everyone for saying hello.

  15. I have been bitten, big time!
    I am a minox newbie, alway wanted one from about 10 years old.
    Freinds say, thirty years too late, but I don't care.
    I am regularly using a minox b, have a minox c, for family gatherings, a minox iiis for the display case and Yashica Atoron Transparent for holiday trips.
    I am interested in recording my young children growing using color minox film, getting the film lab processed and scanning the negatives although I must master this. Am looking at the "best" scanner for this. I hope this forum will help.
  16. Yes, there are more minoxers than you might think. There are a whole bunch of us out there snapping away with very little in the way of fan fare. I carry a Minox III, in the left pocket and prefer the film now available by lab811.com of Carsten Chadt. Carsten tells me he developes about 80 rolls of film at his shop in Germany each month. We'er here, just not always posting...

    III(primary) LX (secondary) and a Yashica Atoron (reserve)
  17. Nice picture Robert!
  18. Hi Steve,

    Like Nick V, I always wanted a Minox as a kid and I finally got around to fulfilling that wish in January. Now I have five of them plus the usual accessories. Three of the cameras needed work, which I managed to do myself with parts and advice from Martin Doctor and Don Goldberg. I've shot and developed 10 rolls so far, with surprisingly few glitches for someone who has never developed a roll of film before. As others have said, Minox put together a great system. Recently I finished refurbishing a color enlarger, and am nearly ready to start making prints. Working for a technology company, I find the "analog" Minox to be a wonderful antidote to digital overload.


  19. That is 13 of us now, hi Nick, Robert and James, it would good to get some links to more minox photos. I am off to shoot a wedding later today I might even take a Minox with me!

    All the best

  20. Hello, always still using a Minox 8 X 11, but, in Europe, it seems to be difficult to find B and W films...
    Regards, G�rd ,
  21. I have several of both the Minox MX and the Acmel MD units, I have had good results with both, though the Acmel is
    my preferred of the two since it varies shutter speed up to 1/500 while the Minox MX is a fixed 1/125. Blue Moon
    does a good job and returns quickly, I just wish they would either print larger than the "wallet size" or at least offer
    scanning services or print to glossy paper making for better scans. I was the photographer at my son's wedding a
    couple of years ago, a task I accomplished with a combination of digital, 35mm, and Minox, or as my daughter-in-law
    calls it, my "Batman" camera. In truth, the Acmel MD took as good a photo as either of my other two, on Minox Pro
    100, 36 exposure. And it's true, subjects are much less intimidated by a camera the size of a pack of gum. I have
    quite a stash of color and black and white film in the freezer, but will be trying some slit film this year. I don't have
    scans right now of my better pix, but just for fun, here are two from my Minox MX:


    By the way, BlueMoonCamera.com is also selling Minox film, though a couple weeks ago all they had was 400
    speed color and B&W. Frugal Photographer also has B&W film in stock, or did a couple of weeks ago when I placed
    an order.
  22. I'm definitely still shooting Minox. I always have T-Max 100 in my IIIS. I used to shoot color in my B, but Minox Processing Labs has gotten so expensive, slow, and sloppy that I just gave it up recently.
  23. yep, everything from LX to Riga. Scan, dev, print all myself. whatever happened to Zapp's digitally-designed Minox (CLX video reference in 1998),
  24. Yes, I use Minox. Here is an example of my Minox work: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v670/ic-racer/Minox1.jpg
  25. Folks,

    Count me in! I have a Minox B in my pocket nearly daily (loaded with Minopan 100 currently). However, I also have a
    IIIS, a C, an ECX, and Minox Historical Society edition EC kit.

    I added an Atoron (original model) to my lineup, too, along with larger-than Minox subminis, which I won't go into here.

    Like Julian, I need to get busy processing film. I have over a dozen cartridges yet to develop!

    Keep 'em shooting!

    --Micah in NC
  26. I'm very happy to see that 8 X 11 is " from dawn to dusk" always present...
    best regards
  27. Hi, I use a Minox A (IIIs) though not too much in the last couple of years. I am too busy with other formats in me free time. I love this little thing, capable of capturing incredible detail for the tiny negative. I even bought some Copex film with SPUR chemicals, though I haven't tried it yet. You can see some of my pics in Flickr (Ondarraitz, pictures tagged with 8x11). Fernando Madrid, Spain
  28. Hello, I'm a new user. Actually, still waiting for my first Minox.

    Jae, Milwaukee, WI
  29. Still in use!!! Had a dry spell for a while when B&H was out of film, though.
  30. Yes indeed! My faithful Minox B travels with me wherever I go, tucked away in a shirt or jacket pocket! You never know
    when a great photo will show up, and I never leave home without my Minox B!
  31. I still carry a Minox 8x11, but do not use it like I used to. the last film from an 8x11 CLX has not been processed, not having gotten around to posting to Minox or Lab811 as it is not clear if either are really handling film anymore. I liked the prints from Lab811, but the last price, 30 EURO is about 3 times the cost of local prints from 35mm at 9x6 inches.

    The current film has been in for at least a year. A 35mm Kiev (like the EL) has been in three years but I have processed lots of film from the Minox GT-E II, GT-S, Minolta TC-1 and Minox CD155/150. Even the Canon Ixus II gets more use in the past two years.

    Film such as Copex Rapid, Ilford Delta 100 are still readily available by mail order. Minocolor Pro is discontinued and only a few Minox Color Vaio and Sensia slide film are still in stocks. Minocolor 100, 400 due turn up, but if you order 10 you don't get them all. I am not sure if there is a demand not being met or if stocks correctly reflect the lack of orders.
  32. Fernando, that photo is fantastic.
  33. Hello,

    I used to take my Minox EC with me to everwhere, until it was stolen. Now I keep an empty box of it, flashgun and strap. Finding film is quite impossible here in Turkish market, so used to cut them myself. I made a simple mechanism (a slot and a knife) and cut B&W films, which I loaded in empty film cases. There are some second hand minox cameras on the internet, so I am about to buy another one and start again shooting with Minox..

    regards to everyone..
  34. Hello,
    I used my faher's model B in the later 60's/ Recently when cleaning out his home after Katrina I came across a rusty gum pack that was the minox. I have recently finished my home repair and found a good minox C and am learning to use it . What about film and color slide film for it. My dad had a slide projector for the minox slides he took in Europe. is slide film still available??
  35. Slide film is available. Sensia film is provided by www.8x11film.com. Lab811 also have slide film.

  36. Hi everybody--

    I recently returned to Minox after about a decade hiatus, recently purchasing a Minox C. I had previously used a
    B for a few years. There's something that appeals to me from the prints from them, leading me to purchase another
    after reviewing some of my older shots.
  37. I bought two of them at Adorama last year. I have taken a few rolls of film with each and havent sent them out for processing. I would like to have them just developed and scanned so I can track the images with my other ones but havent found anyplace to do that. Blue Moon seemed to only want to print them. I guess I will send them out to them for printing eventually. I just have to have the prints around to be honest.
  38. Yes, I "Still" using my LX. I only got it a few years ago.
  39. I managed to pick up a 1959 Minox B in good working order, including the meter, on ebay last year and I have had a great deal of fun with it since. The camera isn’t cosmetically perfect but that is actually a good thing as I don’t worry about keeping it pristine and it gets taken everywhere and is actively used. I bought a few rolls of film from fotoimpex in Berlin on a recent trip there and a filmslitter from Joe McGloin at Goat Hill Photo http://www.subclub.org/sponsors/goathil2.htm. The slitter is excellent and makes the film really cheap (4 x 36 Minox rolls exp from a single 135/36). I slit and load various emulsions including Agfa APX400s 400iso, Kodak Plus-X 125iso and Agfa APX100 100iso B & W and Konica VX 100 colour neg. I adapted a JOBO 1500 system spiral to take the Minox film and can process the films easily without a darkroom just using a changing bag. I scan the negs using an Epson perfection 3590 flatbed scanner. It manages a stated 3200 dpi, which provides reasonable image quality but isn’t as sharp as the negs can manage.

    I’ve put together a few Minox images on my website if anyone is interested.

  40. I was a minox user and now I am soon to be a minox seller. I am debating whether to list the camera on photo.net's classifieds or on ebay. I am less than fond of ebay, but it may be most expedient. I once made a 20x24 enlargement of a minocolor neg of a night snow scene. If anyone has any opinions about the best place to list it, I'm all eyes. It's a III and in great shape, well taken care of, low miles regular CLA. I also have a minox daylight tank w/ thermometer and a bottle of spur nanospeed. maybe even some film. The camera is great.
  41. Hi, I just bought four Minoxes in the past month. I am still waiting for the first photos to be developed, which I should have
    next week.

    Great little cameras!
  42. leh


    Hello everybody, I want to once more tell you how simple it is to digitalize the photos you take with your Minox. Use negative colour film, leave it to a camera shop that has the possibility to wind your film into a lightproof box from which it is then fed into the usual 35 mm developing machine. Maybe that they can digitalize the film, but in any case you can take the film back home, photograph it on a lightboard with any cheap digital camera that focuses down to about 2 cm from the front lens. And in seconds you have it in digital form and can go further with it in e.g. Photoshop. Best regards, Lars-Eric Haggman
  43. Aloha all,
    Yes, I'm still shooting with my minox. I sold my minox C that I used for many years (they ARE one of the largest) but I've always felt C's are one of the best bargins for those new to minox photography. The quality is astounding and the built-in cds meter coupled with the shutter takes out much of the guesswork. Let's face it - the camera is still incredibly small!
    I now have a IIIs and love it! I'm still trying to find the best ways to scan negatives and I'm always on the lookout for low asa color film. Has anyone tried slitting and shooting Fujichrome Velvia 50ASA? Apparently, Blue Moon can develop color reversal film w/out cross processing. Has anyone tried it?
    Mahalo (Thanks)
  44. Hi all,
    I have 6 Minoxes. With spring's come back, I need 8 X 11 films to make them work a little. Really fine mechanical engeneering, very nice toys. It's a great pleasure to make candid shots with a B...
  45. I'm actually considering getting IN to Monix photography...
    Need to choose and find a body. My main concern is film slitters, since I would reload and develop my own cartridges and film.
  46. Hi Feli,
    Don't start slitting, start photographing :)
    There are some options, minocolor, minopan, ilford delta and copex. The film is available at fotoimpex Berlin but id you are located at the States, maybe you can get some at bleumoon.
    welcome and success,
  47. Howdy . . . been a long-time collector & user of Minox. I use 8x11, and several versions of 35mm. I carry 1 or 2 on my person every day in the event something exciting happens. :) No Pulitzer yet! I just got my first scanner & Minox adapter and hope to begin converting the decades of strips into digital. It's good to see some old friends' names on this list . . . glad to be vertical!! :)
  48. Well I will jump onto this thread as a "potential user". Have started another thread on this forum (in this section)
    looking for feedback. If I can figure some things out, I could start using the camera which I now have (which I described in that other thread).
    any feedback would be appreciated..
  49. Same here... would love to get into it but don't know where to start!
  50. I realize it is tedious, but I would encourage the curious to google "MINOX" and you will find a lot of history and how-to. There may even be a Minox guide in your local library. There is a fairly deep bunch of threads here in photo.net. Most retail Minox sites have links to user groups where there is additional support. Minox is a niche group, but there is a bit of adventurer in all of us. Here is a site I have found helpful and has some spectacular Minox images:
  51. Hi,
    I carry an EC in my pocket and have 4 iiis and a minox enlarger. I develop & print at home. I haven't shot color film in a while but want to get back into it.
    I recently took my iiis to Wetzlar during a trip and took some photos there. I will post a few images here soon.
    Currently working on building a slitter.
    Good to see others are still using these cameras as well.
  52. I do not use Minox, but have been curious about them. I may get either a Minox or a Pentax 110 in the future. One of the areas that interests me is the idea of using 16mm film in one of the subminiatures using reloadable canisters. If I could run some Kodak 16mm PlusX through it, and reload myself, these would be among the least expensive cameras to operate.
    I have found a 16mm size negative carrier that I can fit into my enlarger; but, haven't made much further progress. I still mostly use the 16mm for movie film. I mention this because I don't want people to give up on Minox and 110. I think they are good products, and have probably been grossly underrated.
    I wonder if there is a relationship between 8mm movie film and Minox the way there seems to be a correlation between 110 and 16mm movie. If so, then, Minox should be a very inexpensive camera to operate. I hope y'all are still active.
  53. Aloha all,
    For those folks that are considering getting into minox photography - please give it a try. These little cameras are an amazing example of German engineering and remarkable optics. My advice to those just starting is to load your camera with some minopan 25asa or 100asa film. Don't use anything faster. Now take your time to get the right light meter reading and use the correct shutter speed. For close-ups, always use the measuring chain or carry a tape measure until you get used to estimating distance. Send your film to a really good minox developer/printer. I like the folks at Blue Moon Camera & Machine in Portland, OR.
    You will be so pleased with your pictures that you'll want to start exploring color, developing your own, slide film, etc... I found the biggest problems facing first-time minoxers was the wrong film (400 speed film produces too much grain), the wrong camera (invest in a real 8 x 11 minox), and the wrong expectations (minox cameras render images much like the human eye with only a 15mm focal length. Don't try to reproduce Ansel Adams with these cameras.)
    The other comments on this thread are right on. Jeff Drew suggests googling MINOX and he's correct. There tons of really good information and advice online for minoxers.
    Happy minoxing
  54. Hi Dean, thanks for your advice.
  55. Hello to all!
    I would like to raise this topic. Now I am also Minox user and I like it very much after digital, MF an 35 mm. :) Because it is always with me and I can fully control the process. Only Rolley 35 can get closer to Minox but it is much bigger. :)
    Now I have unused AIII and B for collection and one excellent B for real shooting. May be TLX will fill up my collection. ;-) I am shooting my second roll of Ilford Delta 100, but I have not developed anything yet so cannot see my results. I am going to use Copex and Imagelink with special developers to get the best quality from the baby. Thanks to Jack Dong and Jack Delisle for advice and recommendations.
    And I would like to start make prints with enlarger, but it is too far for me. :)
    To everybody: please, support this topics and say your hello here if you did not do it yet.
  56. Here's another. Got my Minox B during the year and have no problem with film slitters etc or tanks but the printing/scanning is the challenge for me.
    Beautiful piece of equipment and steadiness of hand is a must. 16mm I can handle but 8x11 is a step too far for me at this stage.
    Better luck in the New Year - and having said that - Happy New Year to all.
  57. Maybe this is better-PShopped. Irfanview couldn't handle it.
  58. I have two Riga Minoxes, although one's in pieces, a IIIS, a C and an EC. I had a Silver DSC, actually four of them, but all four had to be returned because of different problems with each one. I'm hoping Minox will come out with a newer, improved model. I also have two developing tanks, a Minox enlarger and a homemade film slitter.
  59. Hello Here!
    It's 2011 and my several 8x11 + many accessories wish you all a Happy New Year!
  60. Yep, I'm a Minox user. My father rebuilt Leicas, Zeiss Ikons and Minoxes for fun and a little profit, and kept a few on hand in the process. So, I had a Minox III as a kid. I only ran a couple of rolls through it and had them processed using Minox mailers. It was good, but being young and kind of jaded by being around a lot of great old cameras, I didn't see the real beauty of the Minox. When I needed money for parts for a sailplane I was rebuilding, the Minox was sold.
    Fast forward to today... I missed the feel and the "buzz" of the mechanical Minoxes, so bought a "fixer upper" B on eBay, and used a Martin Doctor shutter set to rebuild. I later picked up a better B locally for a good price, and then a C on the 'Bay. I also found a Minox tank locally but ithout a Minox enlarger, I was forced to improvise... I built an 8x11 film carrier mask for my medium frame Bessler 23 carrier and got to work!
    Basically, this is great fun.... it's a great medium, a great system, and an opportunity to experience something the digital folks will likely never really feel... the personality of a genuinely visionary inventor in the workings of a machine over a half century old.
  61. Hi I still use my IIIs, B and C fairly regularly. I slit and develop my own B&W film and am thinking about trying to do same with colour negative in the near future. I've had my B for 35 years now
  62. Wow, looking at the great number of responses, the art of Minoxology is still very alive.
    I myself have reduced my collection over the years. My main camera is a trusted B (personally the best model ever made), a film slitter, a leaky Minox development tank and a Minox Enlarger (I just like the fun of manual processing & splashing chemicals around).
    Left in a shoebox is a BL, and two Rigas.
  63. Hello!, i recently got my TLX back from a CLA by Don at DAG, and just went through my first roll in it. Not sure why there's a bluish cast to my photos though. Also just purchased a mint BL a couple of days ago which i'm now running my first roll of BW through to test. Here's some of my photos, and my cameras.
    Fishing out at sea:
    At a cafe i frequent:
    Attending my godbrother's enlistment into the army:
    Travelling along a river:
    Where i live:
    Some of my Minoxes:

    I bought a mint original Minox film slitter too, paid approximately US$35 for it:)
    Cheers and Regards,
  64. Nick, you have a nice collection. The slitter at incredible price.

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